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Jessica Alba's seduce-the-vote campaign

WASHINGTON – First it was “Rock the Vote.”

Now it’s “Seduce the Vote.”

Sexy actress Jessica Alba stars in a raunchy, topless, bondage ad campaign designed to get young people to vote Nov. 4.

The star of “Sin City” is shot topless in the photo campaign with heavy eye makeup and black tape across her mouth and chest.

The pictures include the tag “Only You Can Silence Yourself,” and Alba, 27, claims they “really resonate” with the issue of voter registration.

“If you don’t register and vote and make a difference, and hopefully change the bad things that are happening in our country, you are essentially just binding and muzzling yourself,” she explained. “We sign up for MySpace pages and Facebook pages, and download music off the internet. The least people can do is register to vote online, actually making a difference in their world, not just making their lives a little bit cooler.”

Alba says she was not embarrassed by the ads shot by photographer Marc Liddel.

“It didn’t freak me out at all,” she said. “What I like about Marc’s work is that he tells a story and brings real emotion to his pictures.”

Last year, “Good Luck Chuck,” starring Alba, was blasted by critics and moviegoers as “pornography” in terms usually reserved for bait-and-switch con artists.

“Pity the poor moviegoer who watches the commercials for ‘Good Luck Chuck,’ mistakes it for a light romantic comedy, and takes his prudish grandmother to the theater. There are at least two dozen graphic, profanity-filled and occasionally violent sex scenes in the film,” wrote San Francisco Chronicle film critic Peter Hartlaub. “The picture ends with Dane Cook thinking up different ways to pleasure a stuffed penguin.”

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