SACRAMENTO For the first time at a California two-year college, a student council passed a resolution to support a proposed ban on “gay” marriage.

The American River College Student Council, facing fierce opposition and curses from peers Tuesday, voted 8-3 with three abstentions to support Proposition 8, known as the Marriage Protection Amendment.

Students who support “gay” marriage are furious, claiming they have collected 450 signatures to recall the eight students who voted for the resolution, the Sacramento Bee reported.

If the signatures are validated, the college will hold a special election within 10 days to decide whether the students will be recalled.

Former student representative Yuriy Popko spoke in favor of the resolution at American River College, the largest community college in California with 37,500 students. He told WND the student association has a right to take a position on issues that affect education policy.

“We have classes at community colleges that teach about marriage,” Popko said. “Some people don’t know that. There are psychology classes that teach family dynamics and about everything from childhood to marriage. If Proposition 8 isn’t passed, there will be a redefinition of marriage that will be taught in these classes.”

Interclub Council President Tim Richney is head of an organization that oversees all campus clubs. He is leading the effort to remove council members who supported the resolution.

“We are against discrimination and hatred, and we want them out of office,” he said.

However, Popko said Richney’s group has had a history of being divisive and pushing homosexuality onto students.

“Even before the California Supreme Court decided for same-sex marriage in California, the Interclub Council put on a Valentine’s marriage ceremony where they actually ‘married’ homosexual couples,” he said. “They gave them ‘certificates.'”

Also, he said the campus GLBT club has been promoting homosexuality with risqué material.

“They put up very obscene posters on campus of pornography,” Popko said. “A lot of people didn’t like that.”

Councilman Vladimir Musorivschi, 25, confirmed that students are experiencing an increase in pressure from homosexual groups. He told the Bee the college’s “gay” and lesbian
students “influence us here right on campus – they do propaganda for
homosexuality in front of the cafeteria.”

He said of his vote: “It was hard, but it was a really important step. I feel a responsibility to protect our traditional family values – we should think about our future generations.”

Before the vote, Councilman Viktor Choban said, “I want to tell the council not to be intimidated by the comments. The homosexuals are masters of presenting themselves as a civil rights issue. It’s not a civil rights issue; it’s personal choice.”

Several of the students in the audience yelled profanities at Choban.

“They were cursing, ‘F— you!'” Popko said. “They were people who didn’t support Prop. 8. They were disruptive, and they couldn’t contain themselves, so they were escorted out of the building during the council meeting.”

However, Richey told the paper Christian students condemn homosexuality and “attack anyone who’s not straight. You’re told you’re going to hell.”

Popko said he has never seen any discrimination or hostility toward the GLBT club, but he said it complains that Christian clubs are anti-“gay” because their fliers contain quotes from scripture.

“They try to paint the opposition as this homophobic, bigoted, prejudiced group of people who are always oppressing them,” he said. “Even when they had the same-sex marriage ceremonies, the Christian club never actually addressed that issue specifically. But they just assume that because we’re Christian we are opposed to homosexuality, which is a logical assumption to make.”

“Gay” advocates chanted “2,4,6,8 we are here to stop the hate; 2,4,6,8 we are here to stop Prop. 8!” and one held a sign that said, “Lesbians are My Posse!”

A 19-year-old lesbian named Elizabeth Welsh told the council its resolution “creates a bad environment for students to learn.”

According to the Bee, student Joy Cordova said, “My heart hurts. How dare you tell someone you can’t love another human being!”

A journalism major named Inna Gritsak,19, explained what she believed to be the true pupose of the proposed amendment: “Prop. 8 is about preserving the union between men and women and allows citizens of California to say no to judicial tyranny.”

Popko told WND he would like the event to show that young college students can have a voice in politics, and they don’t have to give into pressure to support same-sex marriage.

“We just want to encourage the voters of California and show them that the next generation is not completely on the bandwagon of the ‘gay’ rights movement,” he said. “We want to preserve marriage between a man and a woman, and we want education to be what education should be. We encourage any other schools in the state to stand up and fight for what they believe in.”

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