Editor’s note: This is the first of a six-part series by the author of “The Audacity of Deceit.”

This is a story of millions of dollars that created an incestuous money trail being used to radicalize the Chicago education system and turn it into the socialist model used by Hugo Chavez in Venezuela.

This is also a story about how a father tried to use his power and money to rehabilitate his son, felon-on-the-run and unrepentant domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, and turn him into the socialist prince of Chicago. Tom Ayers enabled his son, Bill, to continue his addiction to communist causes by helping him raise millions of dollars through relationships among Chicago’s corporate and philanthropic community for the Chicago Annenberg Challenge.

Tom Ayers used those connections and his political power so his son could help his newly hired employee, Barack Obama, become a force in Chicago politics. Through the Chicago Annenburge Challenge, Bill Ayers mentored Obama for four years about how to destroy the capitalist system from the inside. Their tactics mirrored those employed by dictator Hugo Chavez, which are designed to radicalize the education system.

Funding radicals to train radicals

For four years, Bill Ayers and Barack Obama raised $160 million from Bill Ayers’ father’s friends and connections, and most of that money, until three weeks ago, remained publicly unaccounted for. We still don’t know how all of it was spent and to whom it was given, although we do know that after Ayers hired Obama in 1995, one of the first grants they gave was $175,000 to taxi driver Michael Klonsky, an ally of Ayers from their days in Students for a Democratic Society and a founder of the Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist) (USA). The money was used to fund a radical training group called the Small Schools Workshop, a group Klonsky and Ayers started.

This began a longtime friendship that continued through Obama’s presidential campaign when Klonsky hosted a blog on Obama’s official presidential campaign website to recruit other communists and radicals to help Obama.

Delighting in America’s economic decline

As the Bill Ayers and Barack Obama relationship moves to center stage in the waning days of the presidential campaign, little has been said about how this relationship developed, or the role Bill Ayers’ father, Tom, who was CEO of Commonwealth Edison, played in enabling his son to shepherd along the career of Barack Obama and continue to feed his addiction for communist and socialist causes. This is certainly worth a closer look, as the exact nature of the Obama/Ayers relationship exposes the ideological underpinnings of a man who would be president.

First, it is important to understand the personalities involved.

Bill Ayers, and his wife and co-conspirator, the Castro-trained Bernardine Dohrn Ayers, are socialist philosophy addicts who are hooked just as badly as druggies on the notion that massive wealth redistribution will solve the world’s problems. Like her husband, Bernardine Ayers was involved in Students for a Democratic Society and the Weather Underground. She also spent much of the 1970s, again, like her husband, eluding the FBI. The couple was on the FBI’s “Ten Most Wanted List” for a string of bombings they committed in the U.S.

In the ’60s, when they were the heroes of the communist-inspired terrorist movement, their unofficial slogan was “kill the rich people” – ever hopeful that the day would come when America would implode and be brought to her knees. Today, they must delight in the economic slaughter of hundreds of millions of Americans through financial decline.

America’s financial crisis so amuses communist Bill Ayers that a little more than a month ago, the day before the anniversary of Sept. 11, he posted a line from a Randy Newman song on his blog: “The end of an empire is messy at best. … And this empire is ending, like all the rest.”

The godfather of Illinois politics

Tom Ayers, a man so powerful he was often referred to as the godfather of Illinois politics, obviously used his power and influence to make his son, Bill, the socialist prince of Chicago. And to a large degree, Tom Ayers succeeded as an enabler to his son’s mission to carry out his radical communist agenda.

As the head of Commonwealth Edison, Tom Ayers was not only very wealthy, but very connected to all the power players in Chicago. It was said his influence or support could help elect a mayor, a governor, or a senator.

The Sidley Austin law firm hired Tom Ayers’ Castro-trained daughter-in-law, even though as a felon, she was prohibited from practicing law. But Sidley Austin succumbed to Ayers’ pressure to hire her. Sidley Austin must have succumbed to pressure (or they had some unknown reason) to hire a young first-year law student as an intern. It is very rare for big law firms, such as Sidley Austin, to hire law students in their first year. Who supplied that pressure we don’t know, but the young man was Barack Obama. Bill Ayers hired Obama to help him radicalize the Chicago education system along the Hugo Chavez model.

Was this the first time the Ayers family met Barack Obama, or did the links begin even before he went to Harvard? We know Tom Ayers and Howard Trienens, a Sidley Austin partner, were fellow members of the board of trustees for Northwestern University. We know that they, or someone else, got Northwestern University to hire convicted felon, Castro-trained Bernardine Dohrn Ayers, as an associate professor of law – her hiring even being endorsed by a federal judge.

Now, could Tom Ayers and Trienens have helped Obama get endorsements from enough people to get him admitted to Harvard? We only know one person who endorsed Obama, Northwestern University professor John L. McKnight, a Saul Alinsky admirer who knew Tom Ayers and Howard Trienens through their seats on the board at his school. Harvard and Obama have not disclosed the identities of the other mystery endorsers.

Where did the $160 million go?

Ayers’ hiring of Barack Obama as chairman of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge commenced a four-year relationship where Bill Ayers acted as Obama’s mentor and introduced him to radical organizations and communists who would become helpmates as he rose to power.

Communist Bill Ayers and Obama funneled $160 million of this incestuous money trail to left-wing organizations bent on radicalizing students, parents and teachers. They repeatedly turned down grant requests to improve reading, writing or math skills, instead opting to bolster programs that focused on social justice teaching, such as the $175,000 they gave to former taxi driver Klonsky to start up the Small Schools Workshop.

This incestuous money trail also includes ACORN (Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now), which is currently in the headlines for mass voter fraud, as a beneficiary of the radical rainmakers Obama and Ayers.

Bill Ayers and Barack Obama, in essence, used the Annenberg Challenge to implement a radical authoritarian structure on the Chicago School System copied from what Hugo Chavez is doing in Venezuela. Ayers has gone to Venezuela on a number of occasions to meet with Chavez and his associates, even leaving his adopted son with Chavez to learn the most recent techniques.

The question today is: Where did the rest of this $160 million go? Why did Obama and communist Bill Ayers fight tooth and nail to keep documents relating to the Chicago Annenberg Challenge sealed until just three weeks ago? How were they successful in keeping them sealed throughout the entire primary?

Are all of the records there? Where are the audit reports? Have they been sanitized? How long will it take for a forensic accountant to follow the incestuous money trail?

This money trail includes many Ayers family friends and radical supporters, who helped Obama in his run for the presidency. In the next report, we’ll talk about the Northern Trust, which seems to be the bank of choice for many of those many of those we have met as we follow this money trail, and we’ll follow the linkages to other organizations and foundations with which these Ayers family friends and associates are linked.

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