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LONDON — Just as the Kremlin is releasing new confirmation it has tested two intercontinental ballistic missiles that “perfectly hit their targets,” officers for Britain’s MI6 intelligence service say a key Russian scientist working on the missile program also has helped Iran in its weapons development, according to a report from Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

The Kremlin confirmation came just last weekend.

Intelligence agents in Moscow and Tehran confirmed the Russian rocket scientist helped Iran design advanced detonators whose “only possible use would be in a nuclear weapon,” stated John Scarlett, the head of MI6, in a report to Britain’s Joint Intelligence Committee.

The revelation is expected to deepen the hostility between Moscow and the West.

The evidence of the scientist’s involvement was contained in the latest document obtained by deep cover MI6 officers in Tehran.

The document has been passed on by MI6 to the International Atomic Energy Agency, headquartered in Vienna. It is the 19th official document obtained by the Secret Intelligence Service detailing Iran’s nuclear program. The collection carries the highest security classification.

This week, anti-proliferation officers from MI6 and other intelligence agents will meet IAEA officials in a closed-door meeting at their Vienna headquarters to discuss the documentary evidence that challenges Tehran’s persistent claim its nuclear program is only a peaceful one.

Instead, the documents clearly indicate that, with Russian help, Iran is in advanced stages of building nuclear weapons.

“One of the documents shows that Russian expertise was sought to install a nuclear warhead in a Shabtai-3 missile. Another document describes how Iran should build a test facility for a nuclear device,” confirmed a senior intelligence source in London.

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