A newscast from a future we must never see

By Janet Porter

This week, I decided to do something different – my column is in video form. It’s a newscast from a future we must make sure we never see. In it, you’ll get a glimpse into our nation should Barack Obama be elected president – complete with the kinds of people he’ll appoint and policies he’ll enact based on Sen. Obama’s real promises, positions, record and advisers. It would be comical if it weren’t so scary. It is an eye-opening look at what the future could hold if we don’t do everything we can to prevent it.

I encourage you to watch it (rather than read it) and forward it to everyone you know in an effort to sound the alarm before it’s too late … or the news we watch next January will look something like this:

VIDEO:911 Newscast of the future

It’s January 22, 2009, for 911 News, I’m Janet Porter. Two days after the inauguration of Barack Obama as president, the Middle Eastern reaction is the same. (VIDEO: TERRORISTS DANCING IN THE STREETS.) Obama campaign supporters from al-Qaida to Hamas to Hezbollah, to Islamic Jihad and the Muslim Brotherhood, continue to dance in the streets.

The “Death to America Coalition” released a statement: “We have not celebrated like this since 9/11!”

President Obama thanked campaign contributor William Ayers by appointing him as director of Homeland Security. Ayers, who bombed the Pentagon, and after 9/11 said he wished he could have done more, in a statement released today, said, “Now I can.”

President Obama’s close friend, mentor and pastor of 20 years, Jeremiah Wright, accepted the appointment to oversee the president’s Faith Based Initiative program with the condition he would quit calling for God to damn America in public.

Obama made good on his long-held campaign promise dating back to 1996, when he told the “Independent voters of Illinois” he would outlaw all handguns. Reiterating his words on the campaign trail, Obama told gun owners to “quit being bitter and clinging to the Second Amendment of the Constitution.”

President Obama followed through on his campaign promise to sign the “Freedom of Choice Act” as his first act in office. (VIDEO FROM PLANNED PARENTHOOD SPEECH MAKING PROMISE.) This effectively wipes out every pro-life law from parental notice to every ban on partial-birth abortion in all 50 states.

  • NICKIE NAEVE, 14 year old: “Now that Obama’s president, I can get an abortion and mom or dad will never ever know!”
  • SANDY SLAUGHTER from KTAI (Kill Them All International): “You just worked 36 years for nothing! When Obama won we won! Ha!”

The only thing left of the abortion agenda not yet accomplished is the forced abortion policy of China.

It’s been said the ACORN doesn’t fall far from the tree, and with a message of gratitude for all their hard work in the elections, President Obama increased federal funding in his budget for the group best known for voting fraud. Senators were warned by ACORN if they voted against their increase in taxpayer funds, they would suffer an enormous backlash from deceased voters in their districts.

Obama said he misspoke when he referred to his health care plan as “socialized medicine,” saying, “The term ‘socialism’ has been given a bad rap,” and returned to the discussion of “government takeover of health care” and the fines for those who won’t submit.

First lady Michelle Obama spent the day reading from her favorite books to elementary school children.

    MICHELLE OBAMA READING TO CHILDREN: “Mr. Ayers knew America was a bad country so he and his lovely wife formed a club called ‘The Weather Underground.’ (To children) Can you say ‘Weather Underground’?”

    CHILDREN REPEAT: “Weather Underground.”

    MICHELLE: “They took action and stood up for what they believed (turning children’s book page) in the Pentagon …”

    CHILDREN: “Ka-Boom!”

    JOHNNIE RAISES HIS HAND: “Mrs. Obama? Did Mr. Ayers ever say he was sorry for blowing up the Pentagon?”

    MICHELLE: “No, but nobody really cares about that. Let’s move to our next book, “Heather and Her Two Mommies aren’t Proud of their Imperialist Country.'”

President Obama appointed his economic adviser and the former CEO of Fannie Mae, Franklin Raines, as secretary of the treasury this week. Raines took office and promised to do for the American economy what he did for the housing industry. Referring to his campaign contribution to Obama’s campaign, Raines was reported to have said, “That was the best $126,000 we ever spent.”

As Senator John McCain predicted, the Russian aggression has moved to the Ukraine. Russian tanks rolled in and soldiers began to burn homes, schools and hospitals this morning. President Obama’s immediate reaction was, once again, “We’re not sure who’s at fault, but this administration stands firm on the principle that we should all get along.”

After he had time to talk to his 300 foreign affairs advisers, President Obama’s official statement was: “Present!”

As was predicted, successful small businesses and job-providing corporations are closing their doors and moving overseas to escape the enormous tax hikes the Obama administration has imposed in an effort to use them to redistribute or “spread” the wealth. Another victim of this administration’s class warfare is Joe the Plumber, who was made famous during the final presidential debate, who is moving from his beloved Holland, Ohio, to Holland. He said they’re socialists too, but at least they’re honest about it.

President Obama responded, “That’s OK, I’ll get him with the global tax I tried to pass in the Senate.”

The Osama bin Laden video released yesterday has been shown to be authentic.

    OSAMA speaks in Arabic.

    TRANSLATOR: I am looking forward to meeting with President Barack Obama without preconditions to negotiate our demands of “submit or die.” We have much in common: the same supporters, the same allies and we both have friends who blew up the Pentagon.

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Tony Rezko today said he was grateful for the presidential pardon that released him from prison and said he looked forward to serving at HUD. He was happy to have even more tax dollars at his disposal than Obama was able to deliver him in the Senate.

Leader of the “Nation of Islam,” Louis Farrakhan who, during the campaign, referred to Barack Obama as the “Messiah” and received an award from President Obama’s church, today received another honor from the president, who asked him to be the keynote speaker at the Presidential Prayer Breakfast. Attendees were reportedly told to face east.

Farrakhan called for the loud siren signaling the Muslim call to prayer heard in Muslim Countries (and in Michigan) to be sounded in the capital five times a day. Not surprisingly, President Obama repeated the words he said in a February 27, 2007, interview with the New York Times that this call to allegiance to Allah as the “one true god” was “one of the prettiest sounds on earth.”

Despite the rise in oil prices and the cry for offshore drilling, President Obama has once again appeased the environmentalists, saying he will not drill. The reaction from the Middle Eastern oil suppliers was as expected.

As promised, President Obama also overturned the Defense of Marriage Act, which was signed by President Bill Clinton. This is sure to spread homosexual marriage not just in Massachusetts, California and Connecticut, but to states like Pennsylvania, Florida and Colorado. President Obama, as he said during the campaign, opposes any efforts to protect marriage by state amendment. He also made good on his campaign promise to use the bully pulpit of the White House to place vulnerable orphan children in the homes of homosexual activists who demanded it during their Gay Pride Parade.

Conservative talk radio just became a thing of the past with President Obama answering the Democrat Congress’ call for a gag rule on Rush Limbaugh, conservative and Christian talk radio. With the so-called Fairness Doctrine heading to his desk, Obama vowed to use the FCC to further tighten what used to be referred to as the freedom of speech.

And now the Obama administration is reaching the arm of censorship beyond radio into the television airwaves, starting with new … SCREEN TO SNOW.

Voice over: Help save Western Civilization. Vote McCain/Palin.


See the YouTube version of Porter’s video.