After a Barack Obama advertisement implied she was part of a “sleazy” campaign for promoting a “despicable lie” about the senator’s voting record, abortion survivor Gianna Jessen has responded to the attack with another commercial saying, “I’ve dealt with worse; I survived an abortion.”

As WND reported, the 31-year-old Jessen, who was born alive following her mother’s botched abortion, made a television advertisement earlier this year highlighting Obama’s votes against born-alive infant protection bills while he was serving as a state senator in Illinois.

The Obama campaign responded with an advertisement of its own labeling Sen. John McCain’s campaign ads as “sleazy” and “truly vile,” while showing clips from Jessen’s ad in the background, including a photo of Jessen.

Now, Jessen has created another commercial in response, opening with clips of the Obama campaign’s ad, which she says amounted to a personal attack.

“Seen this ad? In it, Senator Obama personally attacks me,” Jessen says in the commercial. “I’ve dealt with worse; I survived an abortion.”

The newest ad from Jessen can be seen below:


The ad continues, again highlighting Obama’s voting record.

“State Senator Barack Obama voted four times against laws to protect babies who survive abortions,” it explains. “Meanwhile, U.S. senators voted 98-0 for born-alive infant protection.”

“Senator Obama says deciding when babies get human rights is above his pay grade. Tell him abortion survivors deserve legal protections, too,” it concludes.

Jessen’s organization,, is responsible for the advertisement and is not – as Obama’s advertisement implied – connected to the John McCain campaign.

According to, the new Jessen is scheduled to air on television in Cleveland, Ohio, while the original Jessen ad is scheduled to be aired on Colorado radio stations, with financial help from Focus on the Family.

Jill Stanek, national advocate for born-alive infant protection legislation, told the real “despicable lie” was not Jessen’s ad but Obama’s depiction of his voting record.

“Senator Obama had the audacity to go after Gianna Jessen, born alive after a failed abortion, and call her and the ad she appeared in ‘a despicable lie,'” Stanek told “We want to make sure voters are aware of Barack Obama’s extreme stance on abortion and that he voted four times, while an Illinois state senator, to deny medical care to infants born alive after abortions.”
“Senator Obama had several chances to close that loophole in Illinois law and give babies, like Gianna, the necessary medical care they need to survive after a failed abortion,” said Stanek. “But he didn’t do it – in fact, he voted against bills to close the loophole. Four times he voted against giving infants who survive abortions their basic human rights.”

Obama has often said, and his campaign website repeats, that he would have supported the Illinois state law protecting born-alive infants if it contained a “neutrality” clause like the federal version, which states the law specifically is not intended to impact the status of babies before birth.

As WND reported, however, documentation uncovered by Doug Johnson of the National Right to Life Committee reveals Obama did vote against a version of the Illinois law that was the same as the federal law, contrary to what the candidate has stated.


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