A left-leaning San Francisco radio host who doubles as a columnist for the
Huffington Post let loose an expletive-laden, on-air diatribe in which he called
for the death of Joe the Plumber.

Toward the end of a segment on his weekend radio show on KGO in San
Francisco, Charles Raymond Bouley Jr., more popularly known as Karel, shouted on air, “F—
Godd— Joe the Godd— Mother F—ing Plumber! I want Mother F—ing Joe the
Plumber dead!”

WND confirmed the remarks – captured and archived by the Radio Equalizer
blog – were broadcast live on KGO.

Karel made the comments while the station was airing an ABC Radio news
update which included audio of Sen. John McCain referring to criticism of Sen.
Barack Obama’s economic policies by Joe the Plumber, or Samuel Joseph
Wurzelbacher, an Ohio plumber who has come to represent aspiring middle class Americans in the campaign debate.

Responding to an inquiry, Karel told WND today his remarks were made during
what he thought was a break and were not meant for broadcast.

The comments, including the objectionable language, can be heard on the NewsBusters.org website.

He said he was not wishing death upon a “real person” but on a character who
“isn’t real” and “doesn’t exist.”

“John McCain’s campaign has created a character that does not exist played
by the part of Sam Wurzelbacher. Saying death to ‘Joe the Plumber’ is like
saying you want Joe Camel killed off or Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter, a
fictional character in John McCain’s final act,” Karel said.

He continued: “The real Sam is not a plumber, does not make $250k per year
or more – which would be needed to be affected by Obama’s tax plan. Joe the
Plumber is a fictional character in American politics and it is time for him
to go so we can focus on the real issues.

As for Sam Wurzelbacher, I neither know him nor wish him any harm,” added

“The Audacity of Deceit,” and learn about the looming hostile attack on
Judeo-Christian values and freedoms Americans hold dear

Asked about the incident, a KGO program manager declined to provide a

But reacting this morning on the Fox News Channel’s popular “Fox and Friends,” Wurzelbacher said he was stunned.

“I’m floored. … People definitely want to kick my butt … but actual death threats, that’s really just out there. … What kind of people you got following Obama?”

Karel is a homosexual advocate who maintains a popular column at the
Huffington Post. He bills himself as the No. 1 talk show in his time slot. He is a
regular fill-in for national radio host Bill Press.

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