When Barack Obama plagiarized Deval Patrick’s speech (watch it for yourself), he said: “Just words? … Don’t tell me words don’t matter.”

Why don’t we follow his advice and take him at his words?

Like when Obama said he would “bankrupt” the coal industry. In case you didn’t know, half of our electricity comes from coal. If you plan on voting for Obama today, just pick which half of the house you’d like to heat and light this winter. It just might cost him the states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia and Colorado.

Just words?

While you watch Obama speak about “(his) Muslim faith,” read what he had to say in his book:

“I will stand with the (Muslims) should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” From “Audacity of Hope,” p 261.

Just words?

Hear his words regarding matters of life and death.

Just words?

Obama will not only use your tax dollars to kill innocent children, he’ll take your paycheck and use it to “spread the wealth.” Don’t believe Joe the Plumber? Hear Barack Obama for yourself in an 2001 interview about his goal to achieve “economic justice” by the redistribution of your wealth.

Just words?

And how will he use all that wealth he’s stolen from hard-working American citizens? He’s going to build an army of civilians to come and check on your every move with the budget of the Department of Defense. I’m guessing some of that money will go to purchase uniforms complete with brown shirts.

Just words? Don’t tell me words don’t matter.

And for those who are counting on Obama to take care of their family, compare his words to his actions.

For those who are angry about “negative campaigning,” watch Barack Obama as he gave an acceptance speech yesterday “congratulating” Senator John McCain for his effort. Notice Obama “scratch his face” with a single finger. I’ll let you watch for yourself to see which one he used.

Think that was an accident? Think again: Watch while he did the very same thing when belittling Hillary just months ago.

With his words, with his actions and with his arrogance, Barack Obama brings a whole new meaning to the word audacity.

Rise up and tell him what you think today so the American people are not met with the very same gesture.

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