Obama and top fundraiser Tony Rezko

NEW YORK – Birthplace, religion, black liberation theology, passport, Pakistan, school expenses and records, house deal, friends, mentors and clients.

These are among the questions that despite months of campaigning for the presidency, thousands of hours in front of reporters and cameras, and hundreds of members of a massive campaign staff, the public still doesn’t have fully answered about Illinois Sen. Barack Obama.

Just four years ago, Obama essentially was an unknown state legislator who with the help of the Chicago political system took over a seat in the U.S. Senate. He stated then he was unqualified for national office, but within about two years launched his bid for the White House, knocking off one of the powerhouses of Democratic politics, Sen. Hillary Clinton, in the primaries.

The questions, then, abound as he’s proposed giving the United Nations hundreds of billions of dollars, promised 95 percent of Americans a tax cut and pledged to pursue environmental campaigns even if coal companies go bankrupt as a result.

He’s also stated the U.S. Supreme Court should have stepped beyond the Constitution and ventured into plans for wealth redistribution, he’s told a plumber his goal is just to “spread the wealth,” and his wife has said people will need to give up their piece of the pie so that others can have more.

All without answers to key questions.

Among the issues remaining to be explained fully are his acquaintances in his Chicago political career, who  include:

  • Antoin “Tony” Rezko, an associate of Arab-Syrian descent who was a campaign fundraiser for Obama. Obama returned an estimated $225,000 in Rezko-generated campaign contributions since Obama first ran for Illinois state senate in 1995, but Rezko also assisted when Obama bought a $4 million dream property in Hyde Park. Currently Rezko’s a convicted federal felon.
  • Professor Edward Said, a Muslim professor at the University of Chicago who was strongly pro-Palestinian and pro-Arab. He promoted Barack and Michelle Obama in the Chicago Arab community. He’s deceased.
  • Rashid Khalidi, a Muslim professor at the University of Chicago and Columbia University who was funded by Woods Fund grants approved by Obama and unrepentant terrorist William Ayers. Khalidi founded the Arab-American Action Network and is the author of several strongly pro-Paliestinian, anti-Israel books.
  • Ali Abunimah, a Palestian-American Muslim journalist who promoted Obama in his writings and was editor of “The Electronic Intifada” of the Arab American Action Network. He claims Obama has modified his pro-Palestinian position.
  • Aihm Alsammarae, a Muslim Iraqi who is the former Iraqi minister of electricity. He contributed $2,500 to the Obama 2008 campaign and is a close friend of Rezko. He ran a scheme to corner the Iraqi cellular phone market and was sprung from an Iraqi prison in 2006 by a mysterious group of masked and heavily armed men who broke him out of prison. He fled to Chicago.
  • Jabir Herert Huhammad, son of Nation of Islam founder Elijah Muhammad, now deceased. Federal prosecutors alleged that Huhammad participated with Abdelhamid Chaib and Rezko in a scheme to use money borrowed from Mutual Bank of Harvey for allegedly fraudulent real estate deals. The bank is owned by Amrish Mahajan, an Indian and CEO of the bank, which lent $3.4 million to Rezko.
  • Abdelhamid “Ali” Chaib, a Muslim who is a long-time Rezko associate who ran Crucial Concessions Food Business set up by Jabir Muhammad and allegedly was involved in a $1.32 million partner scheme to securitize loans, in part to assist Jabir Herert Huhammad purchase a  pizza franchise that questionably added to the Rezko-Jabir Muhammad food concessions business. Obama returned to Chaib in 2004 a $5,000 campaign contribution made in 2003 to Obama’s 2004 U.S. Senate campaign after Chaib’s indictment in the alleged Crucial Concessions Food fraud scheme was announced.
  • Davis Miner Branhill & Galland. This was the law firm for which Obama worked starting in 1993. While there he represented “Rezmar,” a community development firm owned by Tony Rezko and Dan Mahru that bilked low-income community housing projects that borrowed billions for property developments allegedly made fraudently. Eleven of the 30 alleged failed Rezmar properties were in Obama’s state senate district.

Then also there are the influences on Obama’s career, from the one-time writer of a sex novel, Frank Marshall Davis, to unrepentant terrorist William Ayers, with whom Obama served on boards.

This is significant since voters have only a few years of Obama’s U.S. Senate record on which to judge him, and while a state legislator he voted dozens of times “present” in moves that would not reveal support for or opposition to an issue or position.

Among the subjects of those questions are:

  • Frank Marshall Davis, a communist poet and journalist from Chicago who moved to Hawaii. He ghost-wrote a pornographic novel titled “Sexual Rebel: Black (Memoirs of a Gash Gourmet).” He also sold drugs from a Chicago-style hot dog stand while Obama and Obama’s grandfather were present, according to allegations made by a WND private investigator hired in Hawaii. According to Obama’s autobiography, “Dreams from My Father,” Davis was a close confident to Obama, influencing Obama’s ideas on radical racial relations. He is deceased.
  • Malcom X, Stokely Carmichael and Frantz Fanon were three radical, anti-white black rage authors Obama tells readers influenced him as a youth. Black-rage attitudes developed by reading the authors influenced both Obama’s decision to become a radical community organizer in Chicago and to join Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s black liberation theology Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago.
  • Saul Alinksy. Obama’s first job in Chicago was to head the Alinsky-influenced Developing Community Project, Inc. Obama also participated in teaching Alinsky-methods of radical income redistribution in classroom settings. Obama’s current policies of “distributing wealth” stem from anti-capitalist attitudes developed in studying Alinsky’s radical works, such as his seminal book entitled “Rules for Radicals.”
  • Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Pastor for 20 years while Obama was a practicing member of black liberation theology at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. Obama heard anti-white, black-rage theology from Wright. The first indication Obama was Christian was when he was baptized in his 30s as a member of United Church of Christ. Obama separated from the congregation after Wright became a campaign liability, although Obama has yet to reject black liberation theology.
  • William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn. Members of the SDS-affiliated radical Weather Underground in the 1960s and 1970s. Obama began his political career at Ayers’ home in 1995 when running for the Illinois state senate. Obama served with Ayers on two Chicago foundations, the Annenberg Challenge and the Woods Fund, giving millions in grants to radicalized programs in Chicago’s schools. Obama now claims to disavow Ayers’ radical politicals.
  • Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga. He’s a Luo tribesman affiliated with Obama’s father when Odinga’s communist father was Kenya’s first vice president after Kenyan independence and Obama’s father was a Harvard-educated economist working in the Jomo Kenyatta government. Obama campaigned openly for Odinga for president in 2006 when Obama was in Kenya on a U.S. Senate “fact-finding” mission. Kenya’s president Kibaki asked Obama to stop interfering with Kenyan presidential politics. Obama raised an alleged $1 million for Odinga to run for president in Kenya in December 2007, adding to the $1 million raised for Odinga’s 2007 presidential campaign by Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi. When Odinga lost the December 2007 presidential election by approximately 233,000 votes, Odinga called for protests which led his Luo tribesmen to murder approximately 1,000 Kikuyu tribesman, displace another 350,000 Kikuyu tribesmen and destroy 800 churches, while not a single mosque was destroyed. Obama helped negotiate a settlement in which Odinga was appointed co-head-of-state and appointed prime minister to end the violence, even after it became publicly disclosed Odinga signed a letter of understanding with radical Muslims in Kenya in return for their votes.

Finally, these are the top questions about Obama that remain unanswered:

  1. Why won’t Obama allow the public to see his doctor-generated, hospital-released birth certificate?
  2. Was Obama born in Kenya or Hawaii, as his campaign continues to maintain?
  3. Was Obama officially adopted by his Muslim stepfather when he lived in Indonesia with his mother and stepfather, from the ages of approximately 6 to 10 years old?
  4. Did Obama ever renounce his U.S. passport? Has Obama ever traveled internationally on a passport other than a U.S. State Department-issued passport?
  5. Did Obama travel to Pakistan as a student on a U.S. passport, or on an Indonesian passport? Why did Obama travel to Pakistan, who did he visit there and what was the purpose of the trip?
  6. How did Obama pay his tuition at the exclusive high school preparatory Punahou Academy he attended in Hawaii, as well as his college tuition at Occidental in California and at Columbia at New York?
  7. How did Obama pay his tuition at Harvard Law School?
  8. Why will Obama release none of the school records at any of the schools he attended?
  9. Obama’s school records in Indonesia show that at both the Catholic and public school he attended there he was registered as a “Muslim” and an “Indonesian Citizen.” Was Obama ever officially instructed in Islam, even in elementary school?
  10. Why has Obama refused to discuss the clients he served when he worked for the law firm of Davis Miner Barnhill & Galland in Chicago?
  11. Did Obama ever receive any money from the millions Rezko borrowed to redevelop the low-income housing projects in Chicago that Rezko evidently defrauded of the improvements contracted by Obama’s firm?
  12. Has Obama’s campaign instituted sufficient fiscal controls to determine if any credit card contributions made to his 2008 presidential campaign have come illegally from foreign sources? Have any such foreign contributions been reported to Federal Election Commission authorities and returned, as required by federal law?
  13. Has Obama ever renounced black liberation theology as espoused by its chief apologist, James Cone?
  14. Has Obama ever renounced Islam?
  15. Why have the detailed minutes and funding activities of the Woods Fund and the Annenberg Challenge documents in which William Ayers and Barack Obama participated never been completely released to the public?

While no campaign ever will put to rest every question voters may have, these questions are significant in that the next occupant of the White House will be making decisions on the security of the nation and issues of life and death based in large part on his beliefs and life experience.

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