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Surviving America’s deepening financial crisis – which surfaced so traumatically just weeks before the 2008 presidential election, and which pundits believe gave Barack Obama his victory – is the focus of the November edition of WND’s acclaimed monthly Whistleblower magazine, titled “SURVIVING MELTDOWN.”

Because the establishment press largely embraced Obama and avoided reporting his negatives, it also, for the same reason, publicized almost nothing about the true causes of America’s unprecedented financial problems: government policies, and specifically Democrat policies. “SURVIVING MELTDOWN” sets the record straight on the causes of the nation’s s economic “black hole,” but that’s just the beginning.

Almost the entire issue of “SURVIVING MELTDOWN” focuses, not so much on who’s to blame for America’s economic woes, but on what Whistleblower readers can positively do to improve their own situation during very challenging times ahead.

And most importantly, in a time when most economic “experts” sound like they’re just guessing and pontificating, but lacking in real answers, Whistleblower’s editors have decided to consult a long-revered and truly expert source – the Bible.

“Americans are searching for answers to the economic crisis characterized as the worst since the Great Depression,” notes WND Editor Joseph Farah in his issue. “While others are turning to their favorite economists for answers, we’ve been turning to the one and only inerrant book inspired by the sovereign Creator of the universe. I think everyone else is crazy for not looking there.”

Adds WND Managing Editor David Kupelian, “The soundest understanding of money, the highest principles of commerce and the profoundest insight into human nature – it’s all found in the Bible, which actually has a lot to say on the subject of wealth: how to get it, how to protect it and what to do with it.”

One article in “SURVIVING MELTDOWN,” for example, is Rabbi Daniel Lapin’s amazing and in-depth look at “Learn to foretell the future” – all based on biblical principles.

“In the process of shining an insightful, scriptural light on how to figure out what’s down the road and rapidly heading toward us, Daniel Lapin provides one of the best explanations I’ve ever seen as to why observing the Sabbath is so important,” said Kupelian. “And it’s not just because the Bible says so, it’s because it confers fantastic, God-ordained benefits on us!”

Issue highlights include:

  • “Forgive us our debts …” by Joseph Farah, who points to the Bible’s solution to the slavery of debt
  • “America’s founders’ financial,” by Chuck Norris, featuring five basic principles of fiscal management on which the U.S. was founded
  • “What does the Bible say about making money?” by Craig R. Smith, a Christian perspective on wealth, debt, saving, investing and taking risks
  • James Dobson weighs in on economic meltdown; despite the devastation, God’s still in control, says Christian broadcaster
  • “Preparing for depression” by Patrice Lewis, on how to do well during challenging financial times
  • “Learn to foretell the future” by Rabbi Daniel Lapin, a comprehensive look at how to apply biblical wisdom to understanding what lies ahead
  • “$1 trillion game of ‘chicken'” by Hal Lindsey, on how the government and Federal Reserve have extorted American taxpayers – again
  • “Market failure? Try government failure” by Walter Williams, a quick primer on where the power to waste taxpayer money really resides
  • “Our predatory government” by Walter Williams – myths and facts about who’s really ripping off whom – and how
  • “The new frugality” by Patrice Lewis, exploring how millions of Americans are rediscovering the joys of thrifty living

“It is our hope during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season that this issue of Whistleblower blesses every reader,” says Kupelian.

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“Shocked by the Bible” is a fresh, amazing look at what’s actually found in the pages of the greatest book of all time. For instance, did you know:

  • “Three Wise Men” appear nowhere in the Bible, and none are ever mentioned visiting baby Jesus in a Bethlehem manger
  • The Bible doesn’t say Jesus died on a Friday, or rose from the grave Sunday morning
  • There were not just two of every kind of animal aboard Noah’s Ark
  • The Bible does not say Eve bit into an apple
  • Jesus wasn’t the only guy to walk on water

“If you think you really know the Bible, better think again,” warns Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly. “Your parents never told you this stuff was in the Bible,” adds radio talker and author Melanie Morgan. WND founder Joseph Farah simply says, “‘Shocked by the Bible’ is nothing short of genius.”

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Biltz emphasizes that these feasts, described in Leviticus, were not intended for the Jewish people alone. They are repeatedly referred to in the Bible as “the Lord’s feasts” – meaning they are for all people. They are meant to be observed as well as to serve as signs of the times in which we live – reminders of the greatest events of the past and foreshadowings of the future to come.

“I believe these DVDs can profoundly increase the faith of followers of Jesus, giving them a new appreciation of who He is, why He came and what He expects of us,” says WND’s Joseph Farah. “I think most people who view these teachings by Pastor Mark Biltz will be stunned by what they learn about the meaning of these feasts in our lives.”

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