Dear fellow conservatives,

Let’s stop beating ourselves up over the McCain loss and start looking forward to the guys and gals on our bench who are conservatives. The real kind. The reason the Republicans lost is McCain is not conservative. So we didn’t even have a horse in this race until he chose Sarah Palin, which is why the crowds grew exponentially and the money began flowing. This should be the GOP’s first clue that we won’t win unless we support true conservatives.

So cancel all of the meetings and stop the navel gazing. If you blue-blood Republicans want to get together to play golf and cry about the whooping you took in this election, be my guest. And stop beating up on Sarah Palin. If you keep it up, you’ll gift the leftists with another win like this year’s.

Perhaps Dr. Janice Shaw Crouse, director and Senior Fellow of Concerned Women For America’s Beverly LaHaye Institute, said it best.

“With the presidential election over, the news media is turning its attention to Sarah Palin, coverage that will guarantee headlines and generate on-air time for those reporters who continue in their politics of personal destruction. Some reporters are delving into media archives to find any instance of misspeaking or comments that can be misconstrued to show her supposed ‘ignorance,’ ‘inexperience,’ or ‘unsuitability for public office,'” Crouse said.

“Sarah Palin, the newest star on the political horizon and the most natural campaigner since Ronald Reagan, is not only a Republican, she is also a woman. She is not only a woman, she is a conservative woman. She is not only a conservative woman, she is a Christian conservative woman. It is entirely predictable, but unconscionable, that the media would consider her fair game for personal destruction. They must realize, however, that their bias and distortions all but destroyed their credibility during the 2008 presidential campaign.”

I couldn’t say it any better. If you are joining the pack of rabid jackals attacking Sarah Palin, you are not a conservative. Period.

We haven’t elected a true conservative since Ronald Reagan. It’s time to tear the scabs off the gaping wound that has festered for too long. No more compassionate conservatism, moderate conservatism, or any other left-tained version of conservatism. Let’s get back to the conservatism of President Reagan, the kind that loves our country for its goodness, its righteousness, its deep-rooted love and protection of freedom.

It’s time to see the good in our country and stop beating it up for political points of populism with the world outside our borders.

Here are my important safety tips to choosing a real conservative presidential candidate:

  • Make sure he/she doesn’t faint when looking at the pictures of Sarah Palin with a dead Moose.
  • Make sure he/she knows how to stand by our troops. That means funding the war on radical Muslims jihadists. It also means standing up against artificial timelines to withdraw our troops. It also means calling a spade a spade. We are fighting a war against radical Muslims. Say it. Believe it.
  • Make sure he/she believes in Capitalism with a capital C. No further explanation is needed.
  • Make sure he/she has never “crossed the aisle” to work with any of the Kennedys. In fact, he/she must promise that, if elected, he/she will never invite any of the Kennedys to the White House for dinner or a movie.
  • Make sure that he/she swears that he/she will never agree to bailouts, not even when the Kennedys’ yacht takes on water.
  • Make sure that he/she understands that the sun causes global warming and the moon looks nice when it’s full over the Pacific Ocean.
  • Make sure that he/she comprehends that, even though President-elect Obama believes that Iran is a very small threat, the country’s nuclear ambitions include intense global warming for our ally, Israel. And we, the Great Satan, must be prepared to make glass of Iran if it misuses its new energy source to hurt our friends. President Reagan called it peace through strength – well, it will be peace if the Iranians keep their nuclear reactors to themselves.

I have many more tests to ensure we get a true conservative next time. We have great prospects. One thing is very clear: The moderate conservatives have had their go at it. There should be no war in the Republican Party. The moderates lost. We know this because they are attacking Sarah Palin, a conservative woman. They fear she will be a strong contender against their future wobbly candidates.

We won’t know who will step up to the plate, but we do know they must be conservative. The moderates lost. It’s time for them to step aside and work on behalf of a Reagan conservative.

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