As I watched the press conference on Friday given by President-elect Barack Obama, I asked myself, “How did this 47-year-old African-American with no executive experience and only three years in the Senate become the most powerful political leader in the entire world?” All I had to do was look at the panoply of Washington Wise Men standing in back of him to understand how all of this happened.

As Carroll Quigley revealed in his remarkable book, “Tragedy and Hope,” the financial powers in America control both major political parties, and they choose who will run for president. They generally prefer a center-left president with liberal social views, but occasionally, as in the case of Reagan, they will get a center-right man who will be surrounded by the usual members of the Council on Foreign Relations.

These same interests managed to get Woodrow Wilson into the White House by dividing the Republicans. Once Wilson was in, they got both the Federal Reserve System and the income tax passed by Congress. The man who kept Wilson in line was Col. Edward Mandell House, a Rockefeller plant whose book, “Philip Dru: Administrator,” clearly showed that he believed in a socialist system led by a Mussolini-type leader.

The Council was formed after World War I by the financial powers to make sure that they could control American foreign policy by controlling the presidency. After Wilson, the Republicans made a comeback with Warren Harding who died mysteriously while in office. Vice President Calvin Coolidge then became president. Herbert Hoover succeeded him in 1929, just in time for the Stock Market crash and the start of the Great Depression caused by the Federal Reserve’s tight money policies. The major financial interests had gotten out of the market before the crash and were able to pick up the pieces at bargain prices. In fact, it was during the Depression that the Rockefellers were able to build Rockefeller Center.

The Republicans were defeated in 1933, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt became president, presiding over the longest and deepest depression in American history. With him came not only liberals but communists who took over the bureaucracies. Pearl Harbor got us into World War II, after which the United Nations was formed as the first step toward world government.

When Roosevelt died while serving his fourth term, in came VP Harry Truman, who was then surrounded by the same financial wise men out of the Council. They got us into the Korean War. After Truman, we were given a choice between liberal Democrat Adlai Stevenson and moderate Republican Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, both men controlled by the big money powers.

Then came JFK, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Bill Clinton, and finally George W. Bush. Barry Goldwater, representing a resurgence of conservatism, ran against Lyndon Johnson. But because Nelson Rockefeller had been booed at the Republican convention that nominated Goldwater, the finance-controlled media came down on Goldwater like a ton of bricks.

And now we come to the present. John McCain is no movement conservative, and therefore was acceptable to the financial powers. But they preferred Barack Obama. Since he was young and inexperienced, he would have to surround himself with members of the Council on Foreign Relations. And the way he stammered at his press conference indicates that he needs them very badly. It doesn’t matter that he is on the far left and has commie friends. Roosevelt had them, too.

Obama’s road to the top was via leftist Chicago politics, which is rough and brutal, run by men who love political power.

The Founding Fathers saw government as the protector of the inalienable rights of the nation’s citizens as they pursued their individual happiness. Today’s leftist politicians see government quite differently. They want to use government force to impose their left-wing agenda. And the American people are quite confused by the whole thing. Conservatives want to return government to the principles espoused by the Founding Fathers: limited government, low taxes, prudent use of military force for national security, unfettered free enterprise. But it will not be easy.

Our big American auto companies are finding it hard to compete with their foreign counterparts. Why? Because they have become social institutions, more concerned with health care, retirement benefits and educational programs than making cars that people want to buy. Free enterprise is hardly free anymore.

Barack Obama was chosen because he can control the masses with his personal, charismatic charm and his messianic promise to save this country from its profligate ways. And since the conservative movement is in shambles, it will take quite a few years before it can re-emerge as a vital political force. But if the Democrats make an even bigger mess than the one we now have, the conservative comeback may occur sooner than we think.

However, you can be sure that our leftist-controlled education system will do all in its power to make sure that the conservative movement is dead and buried for good.

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