In a CNN interview, Republican California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger encouraged opponents of the passed Proposition 8, which banned same-sex marriage in California, not to give up until the measure is overturned.

“It is unfortunate, obviously, but it’s not the end,” vowed the governor in yesterday’s interview, referring to Proposition 8’s passage, “because this will go back to the courts.”

He later said of the voter-approved state constitutional amendment defining marriage between one man and one woman, “We will undo that, if the court is willing to do that, and then move forward.”

Video of the interview can be seen below:


Proposition 8 marks the second time in recent years that the people of California have voted to ban same-sex marriage in the state. The first was Proposition 22, adopted March 7, 2000, when 61 percent of the vote approved a ballot initiative that added the words “Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California” to the California Civil Code.

Earlier this year, however, the California Supreme Court voted 4-3 to strike the law as unconstitutional, paving the way for same-sex marriages to begin in the state.

Defenders of traditional marriage then brought Proposition 8 as a ballot initiative to add the same words to the state’s constitution. Proposition 8 passed last week with 52.5 percent of the vote.

In the CNN interview, however, Gov. Schwarzenegger asked opponents of Proposition 8 to take a lesson in perseverance from his former body-building days. He said that in weight lifting, he would attempt to lift a weight 10 times and fail, before succeeding on the 11th try.

“I learned that you should never, ever give up. I think this is the same,” Schwarzenegger said.

Referring to opponents of Proposition 8 seeking to overturn the measure, he continued, “They should never give up. They should be on it and on it until they get it done.”

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