Charles Bouley Jr.

A left-leaning San Francisco radio host who doubles as a columnist for the
Huffington Post has been dismissed from his broadcast job for an expletive-laden, on-air diatribe in which he called for the death of “Joe the Plumber.”

On his own website, Charles Raymond Bouley Jr., more popularly known as Karel, confirmed he was fired from his weekend KGO radio show for the rant, which happened when he thought he was off the air.

“With a two-minute phone call and one-paragraph letter I have been fired from KGO. I’m told the engineer that made the mistake has been as well,” he wrote.

The target of Bouley’s venom was Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, who became
known during the presidential campaign as Joe the Plumber after his
videotaped exchange with Barack Obama. Wurzelbacher’s
objection to Obama’s desire to “spread the wealth,” calling it socialism, became
a major theme for the McCain campaign in its final weeks.

Bouley unleashed his remarks while the station was airing an ABC Radio news
update, which included audio of Sen. John McCain reacting to criticism of Obama’s economic policies by Joe the Plumber.,

The radio host can be heard in the background shouting, “F—
Godd— Joe the Godd— Mother F—ing Plumber! I want Mother F—ing Joe the
Plumber dead!”

In his website post, he placed blamed on his engineer.

“Yes, this is wrong. It is my responsibility but
not my fault,” he said. “I do my show remotely and have no on/off for my
microphone. The engineer had two ways of stopping this, and had he not
been in the bathroom he may have. Should I have gone off like this in
my home studio? No, in a perfect world we realize all microphones are
live, even if for 15 years they haven’t been. But as [MSNBC host] Joe Scarborough
drops the Fbomb and lives, as many other KGO host have and survived on
air … one wonders if there’s more.”

WND confirmed the remarks – captured and archived by the Radio Equalizer
– were broadcast live on KGO.

A recording of the incident also has been posted on YouTube. [Warning, explicit language]

Bouley previously told WND he was not wishing death upon a “real person.”

“John McCain’s campaign has created a character that does not exist played
by the part of Sam Wurzelbacher,” he said. “Saying death to ‘Joe the Plumber’ is like
saying you want Joe Camel killed off or Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter, a
fictional character in John McCain’s final act.”

He continued: “The real Sam is not a plumber, does not make $250K per year
or more – which would be needed to be affected by Obama’s tax plan. Joe the
Plumber is a fictional character in American politics, and it is time for him
to go so we can focus on the real issues.”


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