California is roiling over the voters’ approval of Proposition 8, which defines marriage as between a man and a woman. Talk about the Wild West. Thugs carrying rainbow flags, the symbol of gay pride and (alleged) tolerance, are marching around various spots in the state protesting the vote of the people. In fact, they are protesting two elections in which Californians sided with traditional marriage.

Protests are one thing, but the no on Proposition 8 people are crossing the line, intimidating people, forcing folks out of jobs, attacking others and threatening to burn churches. Sounds like something right out of the KKK handbook.

What’s next? Will these sore losers take over the Hollywood Bowl and start throwing the Christians to the lions? By the look of some of these rabid rabble-rousers, they are ready for blood. They’ve had it with conservative Jews, Christians and anybody who doesn’t approve of gay marriage.

Before I run down a list of the boorish and illegal behavior of the no on Proposition 8 crowd, let me offer an important tip. You gay-rights folks have supporters in mainstream America and among conservatives, but you’re losing it faster than I can say “bigot.” That’s right. Your behavior is bigoted, and you are committing hate crimes.

You expect tolerance, but offer none. Take the case of Scott Eckern, artistic director of the California Musical Theatre. Well, he was artistic director – until a gang of intolerant gay and lesbian activists decided to boycott the theatre. Why? Eckern donated to the Yes on 8 campaign. Imagine that. He had the audacity to exercise his constitutional rights of expression. Now he’s out on his keester, forced to resign.

Gay activists see nothing wrong with the situation.

“Inequality is just plain bad for business. Just like customers would avoid a company that employs an avowed white supremacist or anti-Semite, customers won’t support a straight supremacist,” said Brock Keeling from SFist, a gay online publication. “Prop 8 supporters like this guy made a public choice by donating to the campaign: to try to impose their will on other people. It’s silly to pretend to be surprised that people don’t want to support their own oppressors.”

Nobody is asking the gay community to support oppressors. But how about the tolerance they champion?

It couldn’t be found on the campaign trail or even after the election was over, when anti-Prop 8 mobs have taken to the streets and mowed over anybody who disagrees with them.

Ask Phyllis Burgess, a Prop 8 supporter who was attacked.

She attended a gay rights rally in Palm Springs and made the mistake of carrying a cross, a sign that she was a targeted Christian. A protester grabbed her cross, stomped on it, hit her on the head, and another spit on her, Burgess said.

“They began grabbing me. It was like a dog pack,” Burgess said.

“I don’t want to keep it peaceful anymore,” one protester yelled. “We should fight! We should fight!” he shouted.

The No on 8 campaign set the stage for a bigoted, violent campaign when it ran commercials such as one that shows two Mormon missionaries going to a house of a lesbian couple. The commercial shows the Mormons taking off the women’s rings and tearing up the marriage certificate.

The Most Rev. Stephen Blaire, bishop of Stockton and president of the California Catholic Conference, commented in a press release, calling the ad “a blatant display of religious bigotry and intolerance” and expressing dismay any public media outlet would air it, according to Catholic News Agency.

Folks like Jose Nunez, 37, didn’t have a chance against the No on 8 hatemongers. He was beaten until his eye dripped with blood just because he was distributing Yes on 8 signs at his church.

No campaign of hate is complete without Roseanne Barr tossing in her enlightened opinion. She wrote on her blog that Jews and Christians are nothing but lobbying groups and should lose their tax-exempt status. I didn’t see anything about her condemning the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, now infamous for his anti-American screeds from the pulpit. She also unloaded on Mormons, saying they “hate our country” and want to institute “Taliban-like polygamy.”

This week, Barr attacked African-Americans, saying, “They showed themselves every inch as bigoted and ignorant as their white christian (sic) right wing counterpartners (sic) who voted for mccain-palin and bush-cheney,” noted the Radio Equalizer.

I guess it’s time for Christians, Jews and African-Americans to prepare for the lions and jackbooted leftist thugs who plan to disembowel the Constitution and anybody who votes contrary to their beliefs.

Our only hope is that the hate-crime cops, championed by these very suspects, stop the rabid bigots.

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