As this columnist has indicated previously, for reasons that beg deeper analysis, grave and troubling facts pertaining to President-elect Barack Obama were kept from the electorate by the establishment press. It is therefore arguable that had some or all of these come to light and been scrutinized with half the alacrity as was Sarah Palin’s wardrobe, Obama may never have been elected at all. Some of the aforementioned troubling facts are now represented as loose ends that may or may not present difficulties for Mr. Obama.

Shortly before the election, Obama traveled to Hawaii (ostensibly to visit his dying grandmother), after which the governor sealed his official birth records.
As the reader may be aware, the location of Obama’s birth was an issue throughout the campaign, as only natural-born Americans are qualified to serve as president of the United States.

There are, despite the establishment press’ absolute refusal to acknowledge same, lawsuits in progress that challenge Obama’s qualifications to serve as president given the location of his birth, which some assert is the African nation of Kenya, from whence his purported biological father hailed. (It has also been suggested that his biological father was actually his Marxist mentor and family friend Frank Marshall Davis; the assertion being that his mother and Davis believed the young Barack would fare better in American society being half African rather than simply half black, hence the naming of Barack Sr. as his father.)

Now, these are not instances of resourceful malcontents and racists desperately grasping at any straw they can in order to make things unpleasant for the president-elect. A suit has been filed by Alan Keyes, who was an ambassador to the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations under President Ronald Reagan and a former presidential candidate. Keyes’ lawsuit contends that documentation presented by the Obama campaign to certify his eligibility “cannot be viewed as authoritative” inasmuch as it states that Obama was born, but it does not indicate where or who was present – including the absence of a delivering physician’s signature.

Further, the issue of Obama’s inextricable ties to unregenerate domestic terrorist William Ayers is also “coming home to roost,” to borrow a phrase from Obama’s former pastor, Rev. Jeremiah (“God damn America”) Wright. To add insult to injury, this nauseating creature (Ayers) began making the rounds of daytime talk shows and speaking venues shortly after the election, attacking Obama detractors for scrutinizing the president-elect’s relationship with him during the campaign. His words and comportment bespeak a relationship with Obama that confirms the allegations made by said detractors while attempting to validate Ayers’ past actions.

Obama’s claim that Ayers was “just a guy who lives in my neighborhood” was a bald-faced lie: Obama served on the board of the Woods Foundation with Ayers, which is in itself highly questionable given the quasi-Marxist aims of that body, i.e., insinuating far-left doctrine into the curricula of American public schools. Ayers, his wife (fellow terrorist and Weather Underground member Bernadette Dohrn) and the Obamas are self-described “family friends.” Earlier this week, it was learned that Ms. Dohrn is hailing Obama’s election as a return to and validation of earlier times (i.e., the ’60s), with an unspoken vindication of the Weathermens’ terrorist actions and mandate for a Marxist agenda.

“He’s [Obama] been vetted and vetted and vetted, and there was nothing there to throw at him. … It is worth noting that that [the question of Obama’s relationship with Bill Ayers] was rejected by almost all sectors of the population, including independent voters.”

No doubt it’s very reassuring to people such as Dohrn that any questions about Obama were “rejected by almost all sectors of the population, including independent voters,” but the fact is, due to an almost conspiratorial deference on the part of the establishment press, Obama was never properly vetted by anyone save for the alternative media and certain informed individuals.

I don’t think there’s a conservative alive who didn’t want to see the “race barrier” broken at some point as regards the presidency. The fact that our first black president will be a man who is dangerously inexperienced, a dedicated Marxist and a mealy-mouthed, practiced liar, however, remains surreal and nightmarish.

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