Stu Rasmussen (photo: Stu rasmussen for Mayor)

Oregon voters have just elected the nation’s first openly transgendered mayor.

Stu Rasmussen, 60, served as mayor of Silverton, Ore., in 1988 and 1990 – but not while wearing a skirt and high heels.

The new Rasmussen, or Carla Fong, as he calls himself, sports a new pair of breast implants, dresses and makeup.

And 52 percent of town residents re-elected him this month.

“My first two terms, I was a very straight-looking guy,” Rasmussen, a software engineer, told the Los Angeles Times. “Now, I write under the name Carla Fong, but basically I’m Stu in Silverton. Honestly, it would be too much trouble to retrain the whole town.”

Rasmussen wears deeply plunging tops, as photos reveal on his campaign website. He likes to wear tight miniskirts and long red nails to complement his red mane.

Rasmussen took a break from his position as mayor and spent four years on the City Council. His recent mayoral campaign promised “reasoned discourse … where everybody’s going to be participating for a change.”

But when he walked into a city council meeting sporting his new look, the dress code was immediately changed to allow only “business casual.”

Rasmussen’s campaign photo

“We’re doing business for the city, and he’s showing up in outfits that frankly were embarrassing,” outgoing Mayor Ken Hector told the Times. “Miniskirts and halter tops to a City Council meeting? Imagine that in Seattle or L.A. When you’re dressing, I’m sorry, like a $3 hooker, it’s disrespectful to your community.”

However, Rasmussen refused to cooperate and cover up.

“He wanted no cleavage, no short skirts, no high heels,” he said. “He’d made his point; he’d won the game. So I just proceeded to ignore it.”

The new transgendered mayor enjoys showing off his new look.

“If I could have a face transplant, it’d be perfect. A face like this, only a mother could love,” he told the Times. Then he glanced down at his cleavage and said, “But people overlook the face now because there’s all this other real estate.”


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