WASHINGTON – WND today announces the launching of an online petition designed to enlist the public’s help in demanding evidence of Barack Obama’s constitutional eligibility for the office of the presidency.

The electronic petition calls on all controlling legal authorities to take seriously the matter of where and when and to whom Obama was born and whether he qualifies as a “natural-born American citizen,” according to Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution.

To participate, sign the petition here.

“This is a very unusual step for us to take,” said Joseph Farah, founder, editor and chief executive officer of the leading independent online news source. “I have long resisted the temptation toward corporate activism – even avoiding the tradition of corporate editorial positions and political endorsements. We do those things individually as columnists and pundits, but WND has rarely engaged in taking editorial stands as most newspapers do.”

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But Farah says he was inspired to cross the divide on this issue because the clear and simple meaning of the Constitution is at stake. He writes more about this in his daily column today.

To participate, sign the petition here.

“No news organization or anyone else has investigated this matter more
thoroughly, devoted more manpower to it, committed the financial
resources to it or taken it more seriously,” Farah said. “Yet, despite
the obvious lingering questions out there haunting the American
conscience, Barack Obama appears ready to waltz to the inauguration and
swearing-in ceremonies without so much as proving he was born in
America as he claims. That is simply unacceptable. I decided that if no
one else was going to take this matter seriously, we would.”

In addition, WND also launches a new reader forum devoted to this topic.

“The American people are responding to our work on the eligibility question,” said Farah. “Other news organizations might take note of that. Our stories and columns on this subject are getting huge readership, yet are being ignored by most other media.”

To participate, sign the petition here.

If you would like to sound off on this issue, participate in today’s WND Poll.

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