Turner does it again! Praises KGB, condemns U.S.

By WND Staff

Ted Turner

WASHINGTON – CNN founder Ted Turner, who has previously insulted Christianity and warned of imminent cannibalism as a result of global warming, is now praising the KGB and characterizing the U.S. entry into Iraq as “naked aggression.”

“The KGB, I think, was an honorable place to work” with “worthwhile” achievements, Turner said on today’s edition of NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Turner also blamed the U.S. for starting a fight with Russian leader Vladimir Putin “by putting the Star Wars system in Czechoslovakia and Poland.”

When host Tom Brokaw recalled that Leonid Brezhnev reacted to Jimmy Carter’s outreach by invading Afghanistan, Turner explained: “Well, we invaded Afghanistan, too, and it’s a lot further – at least it’s on the border of the Soviet Union.” When Brokaw characterized the Soviets march into Afghanistan as “naked aggression on the part of the Russians at the time,” Turner said: “Well, going into Iraq was naked aggression on the part of the United States.”

Turner is promoting his new book, “Call Me Ted.”

“We have an FBI and, and, and, and, and we’re not prejudiced against somebody who’s worked at the FBI,” said Turner. “It’s an honorable place to work. And the KGB, I think, was an honorable place to work. And it, it gave people in the former Soviet Union, a communist country, an opportunity to do something important and worthwhile.”

Turner had to apologize years ago for calling Christianity “a religion for losers.”