Don’t believe Barack Obama’s grandmother? Don’t believe the ambassador to Kenya? How about Barack Obama’s own Cabinet member?

That’s right – former presidential candidate and Obama’s choice for secretary of commerce, Gov. Bill Richardson, slipped up. In an effort to reach out to the Hispanic community, he admitted what Barack Obama has been trying to hide all these months: “Barack Obama is an immigrant.” See it for yourself:

You don’t need a translator to understand what Richardson admitted: Barack Obama is NOT a natural born citizen. That means we have a guy who’s planning to take over the White House who is in direct violation of the Constitution. And his own Cabinet member says so. That’s pretty big news, one would think. But the media has refused to cover it with anything more than a blurb laced with a “this is ridiculous” tone. It is ridiculous – ridiculous that the Constitution means so little that we can’t even ensure that it’s being followed. It’s ridiculous that the story of the century is being ignored by those whose job it is to report it.

But now there’s something even more ridiculous: Not only will Fox not report the news regarding Obama’s citizenship, now we can’t even buy an ad on Fox to allow others to hear about the constitutional crisis we’re facing.

Where’s the proof Barack Obama was born in the U.S. or that he fulfills the “natural-born American” clause in the Constitution? If you still want to see it, sign
WND’s petition demanding the release of his birth certificate.

CNN is still considering it. Here’s the ad text and, as they requested, the information to back up each line:

Heard the rumors about Barack Obama’s citizenship?

These are the facts:

The Constitution requires the president to be a natural born citizen.

Text of Article II, Section 1.

Obama’s grandmother said she was there when Barack was born in Kenya.

Two tapes of Obama’s paternal grandmother:

1. “Native of this village” in Kenya

2. Phone conversation about visiting birthplace

Affidavit of Rev. Kweli Shuhubia

Obama refuses to release his original birth certificate.

Obama’s birth certificate sealed … – Article by Dr. Jerome Corsi, Oct. 26

Instead of a birth certificate, Obama’s campaign posted a certification given to those born abroad.

The alleged “Certification of Live Birth”

A document on Hawaii’s official website stating “Certificate of Live Birth” is better than the “Certification” for native Hawaiians to obtain certain benefits

Experts have called even that document an “obvious forgery.”

Detailed Report by “Dr. Ron Polarik”

Obama attended school in Indonesia as Barry Soetoro, when only Indonesian citizens were permitted to attend.

Obama’s school records list his father as Lolo Soetoro and Obama’s citizenship as Indonesian.

For both of the above statements:

Obama traveled to Pakistan in 1981 when it was illegal to enter as a U.S. citizen.

Sixteen lawsuits in 12 states and two cases before the Supreme Court now challenge Obama’s citizenship.

Tulsa Today article listing many of the individuals and organizations who are challenging Obama’s eligibility

Fact: Our Constitution still matters.

Help us get this ad on television: Go to and every dollar of your donation will go to airtime from now until Dec. 15 (when the Electoral College voters cast their ballots).

Then let Fox know what you think about the censorship of this ad: 212-301-3000. You can also call CNN and encourage them to take the ad and cover the critical citizenship story: 404-827-1500.

You can see the television ad and two more full-page ads that are running this week in the weekly edition of the Washington Times and Human Events at:

Yes, the Supreme Court said no to the New Jersey citizenship case. But they still have the Pennsylvania and Connecticut cases before them. And there are more than a dozen others that are making their way up to the Supreme Court. I, for one, will not stop asking the critical questions until we have the answers the Constitution demands.

And with all those legal challenges, Grandma, the Kenyan ambassador and now Obama’s own Cabinet member all saying that Obama is not qualified to serve as president, rest assured, this issue is not going to go away time soon.

Where’s the proof Barack Obama was born in the U.S. or that he fulfills the “natural-born American” clause in the Constitution? If you still want to see it, sign
WND’s petition demanding the release of his birth certificate.

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