WASHINGTON – More than 230,000 people have signed a petition urging authorities to investigate Barack Obama’s eligibility to be president prior to his inauguration, and the list is growing hourly.

WND’s electronic petition calls on all controlling legal authorities to take seriously the matter of where and when and to whom Obama was born and whether he qualifies as a “natural-born American citizen,” according to Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution.

To participate, sign the petition here.

Joseph Farah, founder, editor and chief executive officer of the leading independent online news source, said he has long resisted corporate activism, “even avoiding the tradition of corporate editorial positions and political endorsements.”

But he said this dispute involves the clear and simple meaning of the Constitution.

His position is more fully explained in a recent daily column.

He encourages people to participate by signing the petition at this link.

The signatures on the petition as of today were in addition to the more than 60,000 separate letters that were delivered to the U.S. Supreme Court encouraging the justices to review claims about Obama’s ineligibility.

The program allowed readers to FedEx to the Supreme Court letters that encouraged a full review of arguments about Obama’s citizenship.

The campaign included 6,682 packages of nine letters each delivered to the court.

WND has been reporting on the allegations, and the campaign’s description of them as “garbage,” for several weeks. Last month, WND reported worries over a “constitutional crisis” that could be looming over the issue of Obama’s citizenship. The concerns were raised in a lawsuit in California asking state officials to prevent Electoral College members from voting for Obama until they investigated his eligibility, a case being handled by the United States Justice Foundation.

WND senior reporter Jerome Corsi had gone both to Kenya and Hawaii prior to the election to investigate issues surrounding Obama’s birth. But his research and discoveries only raised more questions.

The biggest question is why Obama, if a Hawaii birth certificate exists as his campaign has stated, simply hasn’t ordered it made available to settle the rumors.

The governor’s office in Hawaii said there is a valid certificate but rejected requests for access and left ambiguous its origin: Does the certificate on file with the Department of Health indicate a Hawaii birth or was it generated after the Obama family registered a Kenyan birth in Hawaii?

Obama’s half-sister, Maya Soetoro, has named two different Hawaii hospitals where Obama could have been born. There have been other allegations that Obama actually was born in Kenya during a time when his father was a British subject. A one point a Kenyan ambassador said Obama’s birthplace in Kenya already was being recognized.

The petition urges “controlling” authorities to exercise their responsibility and make certain that Obama is eligible before his inauguration.

“No news organization or anyone else has investigated this matter more
thoroughly, devoted more manpower to it, committed the financial
resources to it or taken it more seriously,” Farah said. “Yet, despite
the obvious lingering questions out there haunting the American
conscience, Barack Obama appears ready to waltz to the inauguration and
swearing-in ceremonies without so much as proving he was born in
America as he claims. That is simply unacceptable. I decided that if no
one else was going to take this matter seriously, we would.”

In addition, WND also launches a new reader forum devoted to the topic.

To participate, sign the petition here.

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