Perhaps never before in American history has the Electoral College had before it such an awesome responsibility.

Normally, the electors perform their duties like robots. Those pledged to the Democrat candidate vote for him. Those pledged to the Republican candidate vote for him.

To my knowledge, however, never before has there been serious concern about the eligibility of the winning candidate.

There certainly is in 2008.

On Monday, 538 electors are scheduled to convene throughout the 50 states to cast their ballots for one of two candidates – John McCain and Barack Obama. Yet, there is a more fundamental issue at stake this year than ever before – and electors should each take their constitutional responsibility seriously to raise it.

Is the man who won the majority of popular votes Nov. 4, Barack Obama, eligible to be president under Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution?

If there is any doubt, electors have a sworn duty to find out. And, no matter what you hear from my colleagues in the press, elected officials who chose not to investigate this matter and not to insist that safeguards and checks were in place on a matter so urgent and fundamental, there is doubt – grave doubt.

In fact, unless we’re going to live under an honor system in the future, one that relies solely on what a candidate says about his own eligibility, there is no reason to believe Obama is. There is simply no valid evidence to prove it, and there is plenty to raise doubts.

For instance:

  • None of the offices of secretary of state responsible for placing candidates on the ballot across the country bothered to ask them for proof of eligibility.

  • The Federal Election Commission didn’t involve itself in that process – begging the question: What does the Federal Election Commission do?
  • The issue was never addressed by the U.S. attorney general’s office or any state AGs.
  • The Supreme Court, confronted with a question of constitutional propriety, passed on the chance to investigate further.
  • Members of Congress have actually written constituents explaining that the American people have spoken – so the Constitution be damned!

It seems government wants to be involved in every facet of your life, far exceeding constitutional scope, but isn’t the least bit concerned about upholding even the most clear-cut eligibility requirements for the president of the United States.

If all of this has you as frustrated and angry as it does me, there are two things you can still do to make your voice heard:

I’m afraid the clock is ticking.

We’re running out of time.

Yet, I think it is essential for those of us who still revere the Constitution to stand up for it and make as much noise as we can.

I’m not sure we will be successful at getting questions answered about Obama’s eligibility. But, if we make enough noise, we just might make the parties think twice about nominating again a candidate of questionable eligibility.

Are you ready to stand up for the Constitution?

Or are you going to lie down and allow it to be trampled?

Please stand up with me. We owe it to all those who have fought and died for that Constitution to do all we can to honor it.

Do your part:

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