Three Wise Men are depicted presenting gifts to the baby Jesus the night he was born in Bethlehem in 2006’s, “The Nativity Story.” The Bible never mentions any wise men at the manger scene, but says they met Jesus as a young child in a house.

Is it possible that the young boy Jesus actually talked to the wise men, personally thanking them for the gifts they brought?

If you believe the words of Scripture instead of ancient fables that have endured for centuries, the possibility certainly exists.

Yes, it’s true that millions of people have long assumed that “Three Wise Men” showed up at the manger scene the night Jesus was born in Bethlehem.

You’ve likely seen it on Christmas cards and in movies such as “The Nativity Story,” or perhaps even acted out in a seasonal play.

But when the words of the Bible are examined without any preconceived notions, a different picture emerges. There is simply no mention of the precise number of wise men, and no mention of any wise men at the manger scene the night Jesus was born.

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“If people would just crack open their own Bibles and see the words on the page, they’d be stunned to find out the truth of the matter,” declares Joe Kovacs, who stands up for biblical truth in “Shocked by the Bible: The Most Astonishing Facts You’ve Never Been Told.”

“Here’s what the Bible really says. Not a single wise man is ever shown at the manger scene. It was actually shepherds who made it there the night Jesus was born. The wise men showed up later, perhaps more than a year later, to meet Jesus for the first time as a young child in a house, not a babe in a manger. So, if the young boy Jesus was an early talker, he might have said ‘Thank you’ for the gifts He received!”

Need some reminders from the Bible?

Here’s the actual verse from the New Testament regarding the first time the wise men saw Jesus:

“And when they were come into the house, they saw the young child with Mary his mother, and fell down, and worshipped him … .” (Matthew 2:11)

They saw a young child in a house. There’s no mention of a barn, stable, manger or shepherds.

Another clue regarding Jesus’ age when the wise men first met Him comes from the reaction of King Herod, who sought to assassinate the Savior of mankind.

Here’s the key verse:

“Then Herod, when he saw that he was mocked of the wise men, was exceeding wroth, and sent forth, and slew all the children that were in Bethlehem, and in all the coasts thereof, from two years old and under, according to the time which he had diligently enquired of the wise men.” (Matthew 2:16)

“The Bible goes out of its way to indicate Herod clearly believed that Jesus was not a newborn babe by the time the wise men had arrived,” says Kovacs. “He slaughtered all the young boys up to two years old. When you put all the Bible verses together that the wise men were not present at the manger scene, that they met Jesus for the first time not as a babe but as a young child, and that the order was given to slay children up to two years old, I think it’s quite possible Jesus may have been able to say some words to the wise men. Of course, the Bible doesn’t tell us for sure.”

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The eye-opening information about the time frame of Jesus birth is just one of hundreds of Bible facts Kovacs brings to light in “Shocked by the Bible.”

“I’m trying to champion the truth of the Bible,” he said. “It really is God’s revealed Word to us. If only people would read it for what it actually says, maybe there’d be less confusion and greater understanding.”

A recent hard-hitting
commentary by Kovacs calling Newsweek magazine and President Bush “Bible morons”
their lack of even the simplest understanding of Scripture was cheered by
WND readers who are thrilled to see someone defend the Word of God.

“I am
flooded with positive e-mails,” he said. “The response is phenomenal. Apparently, I struck a chord with
like-minded believers who are absolutely fed up with attacks on God and the
Bible itself. It’s humbling and uplifting to see such a large number of
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If you haven’t heard about “Shocked by the
yet, it’s basically a massive news report about what is actually in
the Bible, as well as what’s not.

Many are surprised by some of the amazing facts revealed in its 27
information-packed chapters. Here are just a few.

Did you know …

  • The Bible never specifically mentions the day, month, year or even season
    Jesus was born.
  • There’s no mention of a Christmas

    or any tree in the gospels recording Jesus’ birth. However, there is a custom
    mentioned in the Old Testament that shows people decorating trees with silver
    and gold. You might be astounded to find out what God says about such a
  • The Bible never says Jesus died on a Friday or rose
    from the grave Sunday morning
  • Noah brought a lot more than just two of certain animals aboard the Ark
  • The word “Easter
    has vanished from modern Bible translations
  • God sought to kill Moses, shortly after telling him to lead the Israelites
    to freedom
  • Jesus made personal appearances in the Old Testament
  • The worst case of hemorrhoids in history is recorded

Kovacs was recently a guest on the Rusty
Humphries radio show to shatter misconceptions
many people have about the

You can listen to the entire interview by clicking the play button below:

Hear Joe Kovacs talk with
Rusty Humphries about “Shocked by the Bible”

“Shocked by the
has become an instant smash since its release this fall, twice
hitting No. 1 in three Bible-related categories on with readers giving it
high praise

“Shocked by
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It reached the No. 1 spot on the WND Best-Seller list several times, including the current list. International demand has even led to a deal to have
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“If you think you really know the Bible, better think again,” warns Fox News’
Bill O’Reilly. “Your parents never told you this stuff was in the
Bible,” adds radio talker and author Melanie Morgan. WND founder Joseph Farah
simply says, “‘Shocked by the Bible’ is nothing short of genius.”

Kovacs has written countless reports in his 25-year news career. Many have
focused on biblical issues such as chariot wheels
said to be found in the Red Sea
, searches for Noah’s Ark and
the Ark of the
, and controversies over Christmas and
Easter holidays
as well as the Saturday-vs.-Sunday

He has received many awards for news excellence from the
Associated Press and United Press International. He’s run television, radio and
print newsrooms in the U.S., as well as Budapest, Hungary. Kovacs is also
regarded as one of the premier creative headline writers in the news business

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