Best-selling author Ann Coulter hopes to rip the blinders off good, charitable Americans who are being conned, she says, into unwittingly buying a politically liberal agenda.

“Americans are the most charitable people in the universe,” Coulter told WND in an exclusive interview, “and particularly religious and conservative Americans are incredibly giving and Christian in their outlook toward the world. … But liberals are taking advantage of that very charitable impulse to hoodwink us, to hoodwink the world, to change policy.”

Author of New York Times best sellers “Godless” and “Treason,” Coulter’s latest is called “Guilty: Liberal ‘Victims’ and Their Assault on America.”

In it, Coulter explains how liberal politicians and reporters drag sob stories before the public eye and bemoan how Americans are being “victimized” by trumped-up injustices, all to further their plan to change America’s culture, laws and government.

“Most Americans are normal, lovely, decent people, and they hear these wails of a liberal claiming to be ‘offended, offended,’ and their reaction is to go and provide comfort to the afflicted,” Coulter explained to WND. “I want them to start noticing these are crocodile tears. … These people pretend to be victims in order to advance, attack, and oppress others.”

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Coulter continued, “I want people to start noticing how causes are advanced on the backs of fake victims.”

Coulter’s book for, example, points out how single mothers are frequently portrayed as selfless, virtuous individuals in need of compassionate policies.

It’s not, however, the mothers who are the victims, Coulter contends, but their children.

“Getting pregnant isn’t like catching the flu. There are volitional acts involved,” Coulter writes.

Ann Coulter

She told WND, “We don’t have single mothers because the men are dropping in industrial accidents, or of cholera or leprosy; we have single mothers because more than a million women a year choose to have babies out of wedlock.”

Nonetheless, Coulter contends, the media focuses almost exclusively on the mothers as the pitiable victims, and not their children.

“There are more books on the heroism of single mothers than there are on the heroism of the U.S. Marines,” Coulter said.

She continued, “From hurricanes to shift work to the recession to the sub-prime mortgage crisis, the story line is always, ‘Single mothers hit hardest.’ Meanwhile, it is single mothers who are damaging their own children’s lives, creating generation after generation of children who are more likely to be addicted to drugs, to commit crime, to be juvenile delinquents, to rape, to get pregnant out of wedlock themselves, to get divorced.”

But how does switching the label of “victim” from the truly afflicted to the truly guilty advance a liberal agenda?

Coulter told WND, “This wasn’t an accident that has happened; this was a plan of the left. It has been a plan since the ’60s. They hate the nuclear family. They’ve never understood the purpose of marriage. They’ve used the courts, the government, the media to create more children born without married parents. And it’s been a disaster for the children and for society.”

Coulter’s book works to expose several arenas in which liberals have trumped up victims, or even called themselves victims, when the opposite was true. From Hillary Clinton’s use of a phony story about a fireman who “rushed” to Ground Zero (three months after 9/11), to the myth of the “Republican attack machine,” Coulter points to instance after instance of bogus “victimization” to help readers begin recognizing the tactic.

“Most Americans have a charitable and kind instinct to help the afflicted, and they’re not used to the crocodile tears of the liberals,” Coulter told WND. “So it works, because Americans are kind people. But in the meantime it creates real victims, like children of single mothers, like aborted babies, like Sarah Palin and her extended family.

Coulter warned WND, however, that fans may want to move quickly to get a copy of “Guilty.”

“We crashed the book to get it out in time,” Coulter said. “There are a few typographical errors that will be corrected in the second printing; so you definitely want to get the first printing, because it will be like one of those stamps with the airplane upside down!”

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