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Jacqui Smith

LONDON — Thousands of Britain’s local government employees will return to work in 2009 to find they have been recruited to help MI5 identify Muslim “preachers of hate,” according to a report from Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

Refuse collectors, parking wardens and postmen will be among those who will be told to watch out for anyone they think “skirts the fringes of the law” under the Counter-Terrorism Local Profiles Campaign, which Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has announced.

“It will enable us to more quickly identify extremists and preachers of hate in our midst,” MI5 director Jonathan Evans has told his officers.

The Security Service has identified more than 30 “active terrorist threats” it is investigating in the New Year.

Local authority banking clerks will be told to examine all applications for renting halls and other venues which could be used by “preachers of hate” to try and recruit vulnerable young men and women into extremism.

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Particular attention will be paid to Muslim preachers who have arrived in rural communities and use their homes as meeting places.

Last year a terrorist cell was uncovered in a Bristol suburb and another in Exeter.

“We are especially interested in what is going on in the West Country,” confirmed an intelligence officer.

The area around Bath and Bristol has a number of high-security Ministry of Defense establishments.

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