The sexualization of tots in diapers has been ongoing since Alfred Kinsey bragged of infant orgasms in 1948, kicking off Playboy’s infant-and-child sex vignettes in 1954. After the late 1960s, schoolhouse administrators increasingly trained children in Planned Parenthood texts to engage in “outlet” sex, homosexuality, bisexuality and pornography use.

Millions of children did as they were educated and became sexually promiscuous. This opened the door to Big Pharma when, in 1992, the State began mandating an improperly tested venereal-disease vaccine, HepB, for neonates.

Big Pharma neglected to inform mom and dad that one commonly gets HepB from sexual contact with a vector. The Imperial State now mandates yet another improperly tested STD vaccine, HPV, to allegedly protect “tweens” from cervical cancer.

“Follow the money.” No moral society finds STDs rife among its chaste or its children. Now, as we await Big Pharma’s next batch of children’s STD vaccines, “The Endocrine Society has published guidelines advising that children as young as 12 be offered puberty blocking drugs to ‘buy time’ for a gender change.”

Now transsexuality has become a child option. What do you want for Christmas? A boy’s part? A girl’s part? Any special size, color? In fact, in May, WND published an article about third-graders being asked to “help classmate in gender change.”

Here, school pedagogues and the poor boy’s parents appear ignorant or unimpressed that brain science confirms the obvious: The human brain does not mature until roughly 21-to-25-years of age. Wholly discounting the lack of cognition in 8 and 9-year-old children, this school principal would impose transsexual “lessons” on 100 third-graders, expecting them to treat their boy classmate “as a girl.”

The adults pushing this boy into a transsexual life included the principal, the district director of community relations, teachers, as well as county officials in various states who chose to believe a modern-day superstition – that a boy can be born in a girl’s body, or vice versa. This claim was made famous by Johns Hopkins’ infamous pedophile advocate, Dr. John Money (deceased), who lied for years about the value of sexual reassignment surgery.

Even the controversial Dr. Paul McHugh, former head of the Johns Hopkins, clinic admitted that sex change operations did not solve people’s problems.

And comes now an International Endocrine Society to claim there are “transsexual children as young as 12.”


But how do these simple Society members prove who is a “transsexual”? A child says he or she “feels” like another sex!

Yet, this Endocrine Society has no statistical data or other evidence of early-witnessing wife or spousal battery or of sexual abuse, battery, or neglect of these children who claim to be in the wrong body. The Society could not even know the truth about such abuse were it to exist. How could they know? What parents admit, even if they area aware themselves, what they have done to traumatize their vulnerable child?

The Society, based on wholesale ignorance and the arrogance that commonly accompanies educated ignorance, would drug children “to postpone puberty and make it easier for them to change sex at the age of 16 if they still want to.”

The Society guidelines state that children and teens should get puberty blockers to stop the natural body developments “they perceive as out of line with their true gender.” As in other propaganda campaigns, the Society uses scare tactics claiming that normal pubertal change can “drive children to self-harm or even suicide.”

Again, really, how do these Society members (and who are they, after all?) know what is causing the child’s desperation when they cannot even really know the child’s real background and most intimate experiences and emotions?

Children are surrounded by supranormal sexual stimuli, inundated with disordered adult sexual misconduct in pornography, in the mass media, schools, in our chemically tainted food and water, at home, everywhere they turn. Adult leaders would clearly rather medicate and vaccinate infants and children than change their own conduct to provide children with a stable, moral culture in which to grow and thrive.

Even those who believe in transsvestism admit that “transsexualism persists into adulthood in only 20 percent of boys who show signs of distress in childhood.”

Moreover, like the STD vaccines inflicted on innocent children by order of the State, no long-term, scientifically viable trials (30 years or more) have ever been documented that prove the harmlessness of these chemical insults to children’s brains, minds and bodies.

Shame on an adult culture that is so self-centered that it bombards its children with violent and sexual stimuli and answers its crimes by chemically violating and numbing the nation’s cruelly and unnaturally traumatized youth.

Shame. Shame. Shame!

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