I don’t want to say Keith Olbermann doesn’t have an audience, but last Tuesday he named me “The Worst Person in the World,” and I just found out yesterday.

Now, granted, I was out of the country and slightly more out of touch than usual. But it’s a pretty sad commentary on the state of MSNBC that the cable network can’t even generate heat any more, let alone light.

I’ll let you watch the Olbermann attack for yourself and make your own decision about his findings. I’m certain more people will view it at this link today than did in his original cable audience.

In short, Olbermann accuses me of saying something different in my column than appeared in an earlier news story in WND. That’s the charge. Bring on the thumbscrews.

Here’s the reality:

  • No. 1: All news organizations report what they know at a given time. Later, when more information is available, the later story – or commentary, in this case – might be at variance with the earlier report. Since Olbermann is untrained and inexperienced in journalism, I’m sure he would not understand such a concept.

  • No. 2: This will be a real shocker – we actually have areas of disagreement within WND. We do not all speak with one voice. In fact, I like to suggest that WND provides the broadest platform for ideas outside of the conventional Republican-Democrat, conservative-liberal paradigm.
  • No. 3: If I’m truly the worst person in the world and WND is as Olbermann describes, why did the site have credibility as long as it was reporting something Olbermann liked?

I explained several weeks ago that Olbermann, George Soros’ front group Media Matters, Democratic members of the Congress and a host of other extremists in the media were suddenly touting a WND report that appeared to suggest an image of Barack Obama’s birth certificate on his website was found conclusively to be genuine.

Again, here’s the problem with that – especially for those slow to comprehend basic facts.

At that time of that report, the best information WND had suggested the image of Obama’s birth certificate was genuine. However, the veracity of that image was never the major issue of contention. Rather, the major issue is where is the rest of the birth certificate – the part that explains where the baby was born, who the delivery doctor was, etc.?


That’s the part that is still mysteriously missing.

Where’s the proof Barack Obama was born in the U.S. or that he fulfills the “natural-born American” clause in the Constitution? If you still want to see it, join more than 215,000 others and sign up now!

And that’s why so many Americans are losing confidence in their government to conduct free and fair elections according to the simple rules laid out in the Constitution.

Why is Olbermann so afraid to find out which hospital his messiah, Obama, was actually born in?

You would think Olbermann and his fellow Obama acolytes would want to give the delivery doctor the Medal of Honor. Why is there so little curiosity about this man – or woman?

And shouldn’t the birthplace of Obama be added to the National Register of Historic Places. Surely the hospital would be a major tourist attraction for Hawaii if only the public relations staff there came forward and claimed their native son.

I can tell you WND has done its part to find out the truth. What has Olbermann done – besides speaking falsehood to power?

Am I really the worst guy in the world for covering a story no one else in the media will cover?

That choice strongly suggests Olbermann is simply a paid, partisan political hack posing as the poor man’s Edward R. Murrow.

He’s not the worst person in the world, but he might be a runner up for most insignificant media lapdog.

Where’s the proof Barack Obama was born in the U.S. or that he fulfills the “natural-born American” clause in the Constitution? If you still want to see it, join more than 215,000 others and sign up now!

Join the campaign to urge the Supreme Court to take the eligibility question seriously by FedExing the justices.


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