Hamas politburo member Muhammad Nazal, above, confirmed to WND the death of Hamas terrorist leader Siad Siam

TEL AVIV – Israel today eliminated one of the most important leaders of Hamas’ so-called military wing, a member of the group’s “politburo” has confirmed to WND.

The international media is largely describing Siad Siam, who was killed in an Israeli surgical strike, as Hamas’ “interior minister,” implying he was a politician. But he also was the chief of Hamas’ executive force, a Hezbollah-like guerrilla militia heavily involved in terrorism.

“We identified hitting the target,” an Israel Defense Forces spokesman stated, when asked to confirm whether Siam was killed.

Hamas leader Muhammad Nazal confirmed to WND Siam was killed, making him the most senior figure assassinated by Israel during its confrontation with Hamas, which began 20 days ago. Also killed in the strike were Siam’s brother, Ayad, and the head of another Hamas’ guerrilla organization in Gaza, Salah Abu Sharah.

Siam personally oversaw the creation and development of Hamas’ 6,000-strong “executive force,” the group’s militia, which took over the Gaza Strip in 2007 from the U.S.-backed Fatah organization of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. The force was involved in scores of terrorist attacks against Israel, including attempted border raids and bombings.

Siam also served as the interior minister of the Hamas-led Palestinian government, which was unilaterally disbanded by Abbas in 2007.

Much of the international media reporting on the assassination claims focused on Siam’s government position.

“Israeli security officials say the army has killed the Hamas interior minister, who oversaw thousands of security agents in the Gaza Strip,” reported the Associated Press, without mentioning Siam’s involvement in terrorism.

An Agence-France Presse report stated: “The Israeli military claimed on Thursday to have killed one of the most senior Hamas leaders in Gaza, interior minister Said Siam.” The report did not mention Siam’s role in establishing Hamas’ “executive force.”

As cease-fire talks progress, Israel’s elimination of Siam apparently is an attempt to present a major coup in Gaza in what may be the last few days of the IDF’s operations there. The targeting of Siam also seems to indicate Israel is focusing on the end game – an attempt to ensure it would be more difficult for Hamas to repeat its 2007 coup in Gaza. Siam was one of the main directors of the coup.

There have been talks of reestablishing a major role for Fatah in Gaza after Israel wraps up its war there.


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