An organization that advocates Christian education and homeschooling has issued a report card on a handful of the nation’s largest Christian family and youth ministries, grading the groups on their education message.

Exodus Mandate is founded on the belief that educating children in a Christian worldview is key to social and spiritual renewal in the nation. To that end, the ministry encourages Christian families to leave government schools to train and teach their children instead in Christian schools or through home education.

At last week’s National Religious Broadcasters convention, Exodus Mandate released its report card, grading nine national ministries such as Focus on the Family and Wall Builders on their support of Exodus Mandate’s principles.

Retired Army Reserve Chaplain E. Ray Moore, Jr., director of Exodus Mandate, praised the graded ministries for “valiantly fighting the culture war” and promoting a Christian worldview, but he also criticized them for advocating public education reform and legislative remedies as paths to reversing “the moral and cultural slide” in America.

“It’s time for these ministries to revisit their methodology,” Moore said, “and ask themselves if there is a biblical model for spiritual and cultural renewal.”

According to Exodus Mandate, the biblical model for renewal is the discipling of young minds and training of the next generation through Christian – and not secular government – education.

David d’Escoto is author of “The Little Book of Big Reasons to Homeschool” and one of six people who sat on the panel that graded the ministries.

“Some of these ministries continue to labor under the error that K-12 public education is an acceptable practice for Christian children and that the public schools can be reformed,” d’Escoto said. “This is folly.”

According to the text of report card itself, the purpose of the grading is “to rate how effectively Christian ministries and organizations are supporting K-12 Christian education or Christian homeschooling.”

The Exodus Mandate panel used nine criteria to grade the ministries, including how well the organizations promote a Christian worldview, if they advocate Christian education and homeschooling, whether they warn of the dangers of public education and whether they advocate legislation as the primary means to cultural renewal.

Exodus Mandate chose to grade ministries that have family, education or youth in their organization name or mission. The ministries on the report card include Focus on the Family, Family Research Council, Concerned Women for America, American Family Association, Wall Builders, Family Life, Josh McDowell Ministries, Vision America and Coral Ridge Ministries.

Focus on the Family scored a C on the report, while Family Research Council and Family Life received the lowest grades at D+, and Coral Ridge Ministries received the highest grade with a B.

The report card itself can be seen below or online at the Exodus Mandate website.


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