A brand new bumper sticker is making its debut on the highways and byways across America – “Honk if you will pay my mortgage.”

No word yet on any concrete offers to those displaying the permanent, removable, magnetized original offering from the WND Superstore. But it is making Americans chuckle from coast to coast.

Maybe this one should be called a “bumper snicker.”

If you are one of those stunned and amazed the federal government’s plans to pay the mortgages of American homeowners behind on their payments, here’s a way to make your statement boldly, proudly and with a smile.

See the whole line of WND Superstore original bumper stickers, including another new one – “No hope in socialism,” complete with Obama campaign colors.

All bumper stickers are perfect not only for your car, but for your refrigerator, file cabinet — any magnetic surface where you would like to take a stand.

Get your “Honk if you will pay my mortgage” bumper sticker now.

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