Teens’ abortion technique: Drink poisonous mixture

By Bob Unruh


Some teens in rural America are now self-inducing abortions with chemicals intended to abort livestock, reports one of the nation’s oldest and most influential pro-life organizations.

“What kind of world have we created for these girls that they’re drinking poison and risking death in these modern-day back-alley abortions, rather than bear their child in love,” asked Judie Brown, president of the American Life League,

The grisly situation was first exposed through the efforts of Anna Anderson, head of the Care Net Pregnancy Center in Green County, Wis., who reported the trend on the Stephenson County Right to Life website of Freeport, Ill.

Anderson reported getting numerous calls and visits to her pregnancy care center from teens who either had taken the drugs or were worried about friends who had taken them.

Cases have been documented in at least three rural Wisconsin counties, she said.

The drugs, kept on farms for management of livestock under the names Prostaglandins, Cystorelin, Factrel, Gonadorelin or Lutalyse, were being ingested orally in large quantities, even though animals are treated by injection, the alert said.

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Besides resulting in the death of the unborn baby, other complications that could ensue include infections, blood loss and even death.

“If I hadn’t known the woman who reported this, I wouldn’t have believed it,” Brown said.

But both Wisconsin and national veterinary associations have acknowledged the problem.

According to the American Animal Hospital Association warning, its state officials in Wisconsin “contacted the district school nurse, who verified that the district has received reports of this abuse.”

“This situation underscores the need for veterinarians to remain vigilant about storing, distributing, prescribing and using veterinary products that can pose human health risks,” the advisory said.

Brown blamed it on parents’ lack of communication with their children.

“We are currently in a meltdown situation with regard to the kinds of communication parents are having with their children,” she said. “The parents no longer are truly in charge of their children. They have surrendered control to the public school system.”

She wondered what kind of circumstances would allow young girls to not “feel obligated” to discuss with their parents an issue such as ingesting poison.

ALL had only days earlier issued a report revealing that in the last two years, 61 additional Planned Parenthood facilities have started offering “medical,” as distinguished from surgical, abortions.

Quoting Celebrate Life editor Stephanie Hopping, Brown noted veterinary medication abortions “illustrate that decriminalized abortion does not stop highly dangerous abortion methods like this. In fact, it probably encourages the use of them mightily, because this is hardly different from an RU-486 abortion, except that it isn’t done under medical supervision.”

ALL also has reported medical abortions are on the rise, based on a survey of offerings from Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider.

“A teenager who is trying to hide the truth from her parents, and knows that the local farmer has a drug that is going to take care of her ‘problem,’ could not only succeed in killing her baby, but could kill herself,” said Brown.

“The culture of death would shed not a tear, of course, but for those of us who struggle to restore moral sanity to America, a report like this sends shivers down our spines,” she said.

Anderson’s warning reported she knew the practice had been going on “at least since this past summer when a young ‘hired’ man in our area gave a girl a medication meant to (among other uses) induce abortions in cows and horses to cause her to abort their child.”

“This is a very deadly drug for fetuses,” she continued. “According to a local veterinarian, pregnant women are not even supposed to handle the bottles in which it is stored unless they are wearing gloves. Needless to say this girl lost the baby. The drug consists of a high concentration of hormones so human ingestion of it is not poisonous to the girls but it is deadly to the developing fetus and has potentially deadly consequences for the girls.

“The news of this young couple’s success in aborting their baby has spread through the Monroe High School and possibly elsewhere, which has resulted in other pregnant girls obtaining and consuming this drug in order to abort their unborn babies,” Anderson reported.

“Some of the girls who are taking the drug are much further along in their pregnancies than the original girl. This is resulting in life-threatening complications for the pregnant girls when the drug successfully results in the placenta pulling away from the uterine wall; the baby being starved; the baby then dying; which results in spotting and uterine contractions followed by an abortion of the baby. In these more advanced pregnancies, these girls could potentially bleed to death or have a life-threatening systemic infection if the uterus is not completely emptied of the baby and other pregnancy tissues. In addition, one physician said that there could be clotting issues because of this drug.”

She warned, “Girls (and obviously their babies) are going to be dying because of this. Babies have already died because of it.

“If this is going on at our high school, chances are that it is happening at other high schools as well – especially in rural agricultural areas. Unsuspecting parents and anyone else who might be in a position to help these girls and stop this deadly practice need to be aware of this ‘drug abuse’ among area teens,” Anderson said.