A Kansas blogger who identifies herself as msplaceddemocrat.com and writes on a wide range of topics recently was surprised to find through her monitoring software that someone from the U.S. Supreme Court was reading her site, which routinely gets several hundred visits per day.

Then she tracked the page to her recent commentary about Orly Taitz, the California lawyer who is pursuing a number of challenges to President Obama’s eligibility to be president.

Her commentary included Taitz’ recent interviews, on which WND has reported, with Justice Antonin Scalia and Chief Justice John Roberts.

The blogger, Nancy Armstrong, had blogged:

“Dr. Orly Taitz, both a lawyer and naturalized citizen, has personally taken on the issue of Obama’s eligibility. There is nothing wrong with her questioning this issue because Obama has literally hidden every evidence of his past. What has he hidden? All school records, passport records, employment records (forget his stupid story about ice cream and an ice cream shop….I believe it is another one of Obama’s lies.) and his REAL birth certificate.

“Dr. Orly Taitz wouldn’t even have to question anything if Obama was transparent about his life, something he continues to fight with law firms all over the country. Transparency would end all issues, but we will never see that from Obama…,” the blogger continued.

“Dr. Taitz has been racing across the country, often times missing her three sons, to meet with Supremes….particularly Scalia and Roberts to further her ‘quo warranto’ case now at the door of the Supreme Court.”

The screen view is posted here:

Screen shot of Kansas blog visitor, IP address, listed as the U.S. Supreme Court

Armstrong told WND she was writing about the issue because a friend asked her to do it.

“I just happened to go in and check. I brought my husband in right away. He was dumbfounded. There was the Supreme Court,” she said. “It did surprise me.

“It may be that [Taitz] has checkmated the Supreme Court …. which means they are trying to dispense with her and her case,” she said.

WND has reported on dozens of legal challenges to Obama’s status as a “natural born citizen.” The Constitution, Article 2, Section 1, states, “No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President.”

Some of the lawsuits question whether he was actually born in Hawaii, as he insists. If he was born out of the country, Obama’s American mother, some suits contend, was too young at the time of his birth to confer American citizenship to her son under the law at the time.

Other challenges have focused on Obama’s citizenship through his father, a Kenyan subject to the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom at the time of his birth, thus making him a dual citizen. The cases contend the framers of the Constitution excluded dual citizens from qualifying as natural born.

The only statement Obama officials have made to WND about the claims is that all such allegations are “garbage.”


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