Texas Christian University

The church-affiliated Texas Christian University has announced plans to allocate apartment housing on its Fort Worth campus for homosexual students and their supporters.

According to a report in the city’s Star-Telegram newspaper, the school plans to open a section of the Tom Brown-Pete Wright apartments for “lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender students and allies.”

The school also will have two living groups that are designated “Christian-based” and others for fine arts and other themes, the report said.

“It’s a chance for students to be part of a unique experience,” David Cooper, associate chief of residential life, told the newspaper.

Shelly Newkirk, a TCU sophomore who applied to create the homosexual residence lifestyle, told the newspaper her vision is that homosexuals and straight students will interact and hang out.

Cooper said the university opened its “living-learning communities” to student ideas.

Others coming up include the “Leadership and Strengths Community” for those who want to lead, environmentalists who are collecting in the “Green House” and the Health and Wellness Community.

“I think it’s wonderful that TCU is offering this,” Nancy Tubbs of the LGBT Resource Center at the University of California-Riverside told the paper.

The report said a fraternity for homosexuals opened at the University of North Texas in 1998 but lasted only a few years before closing.

On the paper’s forum page, the reaction ranged widely.

“So let me get this straight. TCU now supports segregation?” wrote one contributor.

“Some of you will no doubt be SHOCKED to learn that ‘Christian’ does not necessarily mean ‘anti-gay.’ TCU is affiliated with the Christain (sic) Church (Disciples of Christ), a denomination that does not have anti-gay policies. … I’m just glad that some are trying to turn ‘Christian’ back into a term for love rather than the curse word that so many of you have caused it to be,” said another.

Yet another was terse: “sick.”


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