Anderson Cooper on the cover of the Advocate, a homosexual magazine

CNN’s Anderson Cooper should have his dirty, little gutter mouth washed out with soap.

Then he should be fired.

Cooper, a cover boy on the homosexual magazine “The Advocate” and listed as among the most powerful “gays” in the country by OUT magazine, made what can only be characterized as an obscene and disgusting comment during CNN’s biased coverage of Wednesday’s “tea party” protests around the country.

“It’s hard to talk when you’re tea-bagging,” he said.

That was a revolting attempt at “inside humor” by Anderson Cooper.

“Tea-bagging” is known in the homosexual subculture as a practice involving a particular form of oral sex.

This is hardly the kind of comment Americans would expect from a respectable TV newsman paid by one of America’s largest media corporations in prime time.

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Just as sickening to me was the reaction from pervasive pundit David Gergen, who giggled in response to the comment.

Did Gergen, a former White House press secretary and a favorite political analyst of the establishment press, have any idea what Cooper was saying?

Who knows? I doubt it. So why was he chuckling? Is he in the habit of laughing at jokes he doesn’t understand? Was he more interested in protecting his own gig at CNN than in standing up to an immature, little weasel of a pretty-boy anchorman whose work might be more well-suited to the Comedy Channel or HBO than a serious news network?

I can only guess.

Cooper, meanwhile, seems almost incapable of concealing any longer his own agenda on matters of sexual obsession.

Back in February, I addressed his compulsion for insinuating his own inaccurate and warped views about homosexuality in his so-called “newscasts.”

In a report about homosexuals leaving the lifestyle after becoming Christians, Cooper had the following to say:

  • “There are plenty of gay Christians who are happily gay and happily Christian and have fulfilling lives.”

  • “We have had a number of people on the show who say they have been cured of homosexuality, that they went through, whatever, reversion therapy or – but every one of them basically admits that they still are attracted to a member of the same sex, they’re just forcing themselves to repress those feelings.”

Does Cooper bring to the table some particular expertise on the subject of happy homosexuals or happy Christians? Is he becoming an open advocate for the homosexual agenda in his role at CNN, as his popularity with the homosexual press suggests? Is he ready to reveal his own sexual preferences to the world? Is he ready to discuss his own faith? Does he understand what the Apostle Paul had to say about homosexuals? (Romans 1:22-27) Is he more of an expert on Christianity and homosexuality than Paul? One wonders just how many happy homosexual Christians Cooper has met.

About statement two: Let’s see now. Cooper handpicks the guests he has on his program. How many members of Exodus International has he chosen to interview? My guess? None. If he did, he might not get so much favorable coverage from the homosexual press.

The question on the table before Cooper’s foul-mouthed, offensive comments on Tea Party day was whether or not he was capable of delivering the news straight.

That’s what CNN has pretended he does at the network.

After this incident, there’s little question left as to whether he can continue to pretend to be a straight newsman.

CNN ought to do the right thing. It ought to stand up for minimal decency standards. Anderson Cooper should be relieved of his duties at the network.

And CNN should apologize for this grossly degrading episode in the history of cable TV news.

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