A spokesman for the Institute for Energy Research says greenhouse gas taxes that are going to be implemented by the Obama administration – with or without help from Congress – will raise the cost of “everything.”

Dan Kish, vice president for policy at the organization, said Obama talked about his plans already on the campaign trail before he took office.

“The question is would they do that knowing it would increase the price of everything and export jobs?” he said. The answer? Yes.

His comments came in an interview with Greg Corombos of Radio America/WND, and the audio of the discussion is embedded here:

Kish said Obama has made it clear the new regulations and taxes are coming whether Congress wants it or now. He said the proposal is being developed to have the Environmental Protection Agency impose the changes by rule if Congress doesn’t give Obama exactly what he wants.

He said although it will take a little time to implement, it is, in his opinion, “the largest attempt to extend government control of anything that I can think of in history.”

But he said the still-unanswered question remains what voters will think of massive energy tax hikes, already estimated at thousands of dollars per year per household.

“Voters when they start seeing their bills will not be pleased,” he warned.

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