The attacks aren’t letting up on a pro-family organization whose leaders and workers were confronted with death threats for their effort in a program encouraging students to stay away from classes while pro-homosexual activists staged demonstrations.

Karen England, executive director of the Capital Resource Institute, told WND she has received the following messages by e-mail or by telephone:

  • “My wish for you is that your children grow up to hate you.”

  • “The Pharisees are saving a seat in hell for you and yours.”
  • “You are bigots; your beliefs are off-the-scale whacko nonsense. People are sick and tired of religious bullying and harassment, and you had better expect people to stand up and say so.”

WND reported when some of the earlier threats arrived because of the organization’s participation in the “Day of Silence Walkout.” England confirmed to WND she has filed a police report on the threats.

The walkout plan was developed among several dozen pro-family groups across the nation to respond to the “Day of Silence” pro-homosexual activism held each April in public schools. The event is supported by the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network.

This message was handed to officials at a California pro-family organization, along with the accompanying picture

“You may not be gay, but you may be next,” said one earlier e-mail, which included a photograph of a casket.

Laurie Higgins of the Illinois Family Institute noted the goal cited by GLSEN is to reduce bullying on school campuses, especially bullying perceived as targeting homosexual students or those with other “alternative’ sexual lifestyles.

“No one supports bullying,” she told WND as the walkout campaign was being promoted. “Every school has more than ample anti-bullying policies in place. … For GLSEN, the means by which they want to end bullying is to normalize volitional homosexual conduct.”

England told WND that another early message was, “I wish you would just go kill yourself.”

Message delivered to California pro-family organization

“If this is the kind of atmosphere we get just for asking kids to stay home, in an e-mail, can you imagine what is like for kids refusing to stay silent?” she said.

She also said teachers should focus on academic subjects, not on changing minds about sexual issues.

After the event, held last week in most schools, was over, the messages continued to flood in, she told WND.

“The name-calling will not silence us. The physical threats will not stop us. We believe in traditional values – and we will not give up our American freedom of speech,” she said.

Among other newly received messages:

  • “I would welcome the day that world no longer has use for hateful, backward and ignorant people like you.” It came with a casket photo.

  • “We are no longer tolerant of bigotry for the sake of being tolerant. Instead, we name it and shame it. Karen England is a stupid bigot. There, I said it. Come and get me, you stupid cow.”
  • “I do not have to tolerate bigotry which is based on ignorance, prejudice and irrational fear.”
  • “I’m sorry but anyone that is that cruel, closed minded and filled with that much hatred for another human being is the true ‘abomination to GOD.'”
  • “In messages from Day of Silence supporters, staff members at Capitol Resource Institute and another pro-family organization are called ‘bigot,’ ‘disgusting,’ ‘evil spawn,’… Sounds ’bout right to me.”
  • “KKKristianity must be abolished.

England’s organization has posted a video on YouTube, which also has been embedded here (Advisory: The video is not recommended viewing for children):

GSLEN has sponsored the nationwide silent protest every April for the last 12 years. The event is said to be a showing of support for “gay,” lesbian, bisexual and transgender victims of violence and bullying. According to GSLEN’s 2005 National School Climate Survey, four out of five LGBT children experience harassment in school. The organization claims 64 percent of “gay” students feel unsafe at school because of their sexual orientation and 41 percent because of their “gender expression.”

GLSEN claims there are about 4,000 homosexual clubs now in American high schools and middle schools.

Ministries supporting the walkout include: Abiding Truth Ministries;

AFA Michigan;

AFA Pennsylvania;

AFA National;

Americans for Truth;

Association of Maryland Families;


Campaign for Children and Families;

Citizens for Community Values of Ohio;

Coalition of Conscience;

Community Issues Council;

Concerned Women for America National;

Concerned Women for America Washington;

Culture Campaign;


Faith, Family & Freedom Alliance;

Illinois Family Institute;

Indiana Voice;

Liberty Alliance Action;

Liberty Counsel;

Maine Family Policy Council;


Mission America;

Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays.


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