Daniel may have spent the night in a lion’s den, and the Hebrew children may have been tossed into a fiery furnace – but in a similar fashion, 21-year-old Carrie Prejean, aka Miss California, stood in the fiery furnace of national television looking into the face of an egotistical, cowardly lion with delusions of self-importance.

And with the conviction of one fully cognizant that she was chosen for “such a time as this” she answered the baited question posed to her without compromise, true to her Christian values, knowing that in so doing she would be ostracized. What she couldn’t have known was just what her commitment to God would come to represent.

Miss Prejean stared into the face of her tormenter who, being convinced of his own importance, failed to realize that there is “One” greater than himself, who empowers ordinary people to do extraordinary things. The petulant homosexual marriage advocate could not have known in advance that God had chosen that moment to turn that which he (knowingly or not) meant for evil into something for good.

Miss Prejean’s answer showed young and old Christians alike that the same God who protected Daniel and the Hebrew children – the same God who chose Esther for “such a time as [hers]” – can and will show forth His glory through us if we let Him.

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I should here note – it wasn’t that Carrie’s answer was anti-homosexual marriage, as such; rather, it was that she was not willing to compromise for earthly riches and acclaim. She did not hide her faith under a bushel. And because she didn’t, God is using her situation to encourage others to stand firm and trust Him when facing difficult situations. Carrie showed that God will bring much good from principled stands based on His precepts.

That is something Georgetown University should have been aware of when it eagerly caved in to Obama’s White House storm troopers’ demand that the name of Jesus, along with all identifiable Christian signs and nomenclature, be covered prior to Obama speaking at the University. In short, the university that was founded upon godly precepts denied their God to appease a sinful man.

And for what? What eternal value was gained in having a charade speak at the university? Is it the school’s intent to use said appearance as a fundraising tool? Is that what they were founded to do, i.e., deny their origins and desecrate their Catholic values so as to host someone who is antithetical to everything the Church stands for? I digress to point out that the Bush White House made no such demands on Georgetown University when first lady Laura Bush spoke from the very same platform.

The Obama White House “wanted a simple backdrop of flags and pipe and drapes for the speech,” while conversely, Laura Bush understood that the Name of God/Christ is synonymous with the name America and the flag of same – she did not presume to place herself above God nor deny Him.

Which brings me to the University of Notre Dame. What statement for God does that university make when it invites the pro-abortion equivalent of a death camp promoter to speak at a Catholic school whose doctrine vehemently opposes the slaughter of unborn children? It is appalling that a school founded on God and inscribed with the doctrine of honoring Him would so easily capitulate to evil simply because it occupies an oval room.

If the staff and graduates of Notre Dame were truly interested in honoring God, they would boycott the graduation. They would let the pro-abortion front man speak to an empty arena. They would honor God by their absence.

The colossus institutions that are Notre Dame and Georgetown were founded to be bastions of honor to God, yet today they place the very personification of Erebus above Him. It took a simple act of godly courage by a young woman standing on a national stage to do what they should have done, i.e., honor God the Father, and immeasurably encourage others.

Which do you think pleases God more – capitulating to a man who embodies that which God abhors, or a young girl who trusts God and refuses to compromise for an earthly reward?

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