Guns purchased legally in the United States this year could outfit two armies – and not just any armies, the armies of China and India, according to new government reports cited by a website for sport-shooting enthusiasts.

The federal National Instant Criminal Background Check System database statistics show there were more than 3.7 million background checks during the first three months of this year, compared to about 8 million annually not even a decade ago, according to the documentation assembled by

That’s not individual guns, that’s background checks, the organization pointed out. If a purchaser obtains two, three or even four guns at a time, often there is only one background check.

“You also bought 1,529,635,000 rounds of ammunition in just the month of December. Yeah, that is right, that is billion with a ‘b.’ This number takes no account of reloading or reloaded ammunition,” the report said.

According to the Global Security website, the Indian army is estimated to have about 1 million soldiers. A news report from several years ago estimated the Chinese army at 1.7 million, although recent estimates put that at 2.25 million.

Here is a table documenting the federal gun background checks by month:

Federal statistics on gun background checks

The report cites the quote from Admiral Isoruko Yamamota, a World War II leader for Japan, who said, “You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.”

The report said the evaluation on firearms and ammunition purchases are “based on low end numbers.”

“The numbers presented are only PART of the overall numbers of arms and ammunition that have been sold. The actual numbers are much higher.”

That’s because no private individual-to-individual sales would be included, and there’s no assessment of how many guns are purchased through each background check.

“Law abiding citizens appear to be concerned about our ‘right to own and bear arms,'” said one forum page participant.

The statistics show that U.S consumers sought 3.1 million gun background checks every three months last year, for an annual total of 12.7 million. The annual averages had been about 8.4 million for a number of recent years, but there was a surge starting last October, when check requests rose suddenly from 970,000 a month to nearly 1.2 million. Totals have remained at that higher level.

The answer is finally here to the real reason why guns and church must mix!

Another forum participant added, “It’s logical that gun sales took sharp upturn. The concern is that the super majority of Democrats in Washington will make firearms either harder to obtain or outright contraband. … As for myself, I have all the weapons I could possibly need, so I’ve just been stocking up on ammo because I think ammo will be subject to new regulations and increased taxes under this president and Congress.”

Steve Sanetti, the head of a shooting sports organization, said,

“Americans concerned about their ability to purchase many types of home defense, hunting and target shooting firearms in the future are continuing to purchase these products in record numbers today.”

WND reported that the usually liberal 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms is “deeply rooted in this nation’s history and tradition” and long has been regarded as the “true palladium of liberty,” so it therefore must be applied against state and local government weapon restrictions as well as federal gun limits.

But the decision appears to run counter to the general direction sought by the administration of President Obama three months into his tenure.

He’s already advocated for a treaty that would require a federal license for hunters to reload their ammunition, has expressed a desire to ban “assault” weapons, has seen a plan to require handgun owners to submit to mental health evaluations and sparked a rush on ammunition purchases with his history of anti-gun positions.

Obama also supported the handgun ban in Washington, D.C., before it was tossed out last year by the Supreme Court.

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