For those who think that the elevation of every form of sexual perversion to protected minority status is limited to the Left Coast or the Secular Northeast, think again.

“Gender identity” protection passed through the U.S. House of Representatives last week, included in H.R. 1913 “Hate Crimes” legislation (“‘gender identity’ means actual or perceived gender-related characteristics”), sponsored by Rep. John Conyers. Rep. Steve King of Iowa calls it the “Thought Crimes Bill” since there is no solid definition of what a “hate crime” really means. In addition, King reported that Rep. Alcee Hastings has asserted that “every ‘philia’ (i.e. pedophilia, etc.)” should be protected.

H.R. 1913 should also be called the “Pedophile Protection Act” because it is exactly that.

Even in conservative Texas, some Democrats would like to take the protection of perverts and pedophiles one step further. State Rep. Garnet Coleman has introduced HB 2966, which protects “sexual preference, or gender identity or expression.” Expression of what?

None of the above protected classes has any clear definition, which clearly creates an “in the eye of the beholder” situation in which any form of sexual behavior – bar none – can AND WILL be included. That is in addition to the fact that “hate crime” laws in general create injustice.

“Speechless: Silencing the Christians,” by Don Wildmon, lays out determined strategy of coalition of liberal secularists, homosexual activists and Fortune 500 companies

Constitutional scholar and author John Whitehead stated in his article “The Case Against Federal Hate Crimes Law,” “First, hate-crime laws are shortsighted in that they favor a particular class of individuals for protection and seek to punish certain prejudices. … Eventually, this will spill over into criminalizing any kind of speech that any official in the echelons of government deems to be hateful or distasteful.”

Both the federal and state legislation promoting perversion have been introduced by Democrats and driven by the radical gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, questioning and intersexed organizations as well as allies in the media, entertainment and academia. The stage is being set for the direct persecution of pastors who preach against such sin and anyone who speaks publicly against any perverse behavior.

There is no way to say other than directly that most culpable are our black pastors and church members who continue to elect pro-perversity Democrats like Conyers, Hastings and Coleman simply because they are either of the same color or are un-biblically loyal to that political party over their faith.

It is hard to imagine how offensive it should be that the civil rights movement and the historic plight of blacks have now been hijacked by those of the lowest levels of sexual deviancy.

The tyranny, oppression and evil of slavery, institutional discrimination, “Jim Crow” laws and the dehumanizing of blacks (all products of rejection of a Christian worldview) were an offense to God. The perversion of man created in His image, the perversion of the marriage covenant and the perversion of justice are equally offensive to Him.

Nobody has worked harder to bring the races together in the church toward biblical righteousness and justice than we have in this ministry. We have pastors of every race and many denominations involved. Here is the question – how can we demand righteousness and justice grounded in historic Judeo-Christian principles and values from elected leaders in civil government if we will not begin by demanding those standards in and from our pulpits and pews?

Our standard has nothing to do with race and everything to do with clear, unarguable biblical truth. It is also not a Republican or Democrat issue – except that every single incident of inclusion of what God calls abomination being elevated to being equal with race is led or supported by Democrats, including the Black Congressional Caucus.

No excuses – it is time that black pastors rise up and demand that those in elected office claiming to represent the black community be accountable to some standard of moral decency.

It’s irrelevant whether a black pastor stood up (as many did) for a state Defense of Marriage Amendment such as Proposition 8 in California, Proposition 2 in Texas, or the myriad other states that have adopted amendments. If we then turn around and elect a legislator or congressman who is sold out to the perversity agenda that created the need for the amendment to begin with, we have not only wasted our time but displayed classic “double mindedness.” We cannot have it both ways.

The white church has much to account for, not the least of which is the collective lack of any significant action on injustice, oppression and evil in our land. We have become a nation filled with weak, self-serving shepherds who have been more focused on building churches than building The Church. We want God’s blessing but we don’t want God’s righteousness. We cannot have it both ways, either.

President Obama has made the addition of new categories of sexual deviancy to “hate crime” laws a priority and has promised to sign it. By doing so he has embraced evil, and because he serves as the highest chosen representative of the people, his actions become our actions.

From the depths of my soul, I appeal to black pastors in particular to speak up NOW and stand against this wickedness and evil that has stolen the cause of racial equality and, as the Evil One always does, twisted it into moral decadence.

If we do not, the coming tyranny and oppression of the church cannot be blamed on those who are separated from God by sin but rather on those who claim His name and became complicit by support or silence.

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