Lila Rose

A pro-life activist who has made a mission of uncovering Planned Parenthood’s practice of advising potential abortion customers how to avoid reporting requirements is getting in the face of corporate officials in Tennessee who have been lobbying state lawmakers to keep tax money flowing into their coffers.

WND reported earlier when Lila Rose of Live Action Films revealed an undercover video showing a Planned Parenthood employee in Memphis, Tenn., telling a patient to lie to a judge.

Executives for the abortion industry’s leading player then pleaded to state lawmakers to keep tax revenues flowing to Planned Parenthood, alleging the lawmakers didn’t have  the “original” videos of the encounter.

Now Rose has posted the unedited videos online and has sent links to Barry Chase, CEO of the Memphis Planned Parenthood.

“It has been brought to our attention through various media reports that your organization wanted the unedited tapes from our investigation of Planned Parenthood,” Rose told Chase in her e-mail. “We made the unedited tapes available last week to the public as well as to the district attorney’s office for further review since it was clear that your staff failed to follow mandatory reporting laws in the state of Tennessee and failed to protect the young girl who came in for an abortion.

“In fact, your facility staffer told the young girl to lie about the age of her 31-year-old boyfriend in order to obtain the secret abortion,” she wrote.

Rose then listed the Internet links for the series of YouTube videos showing the encounter.

Part 1 is here and is embedded here:

Part 2 is here and is embedded here:

Part 3 is here and is embedded here:

Rose confirmed, “We have carbon copied members of the media on this e-mail who have covered this story so they can see that you are now in possession of the unedited tapes.

“Additionally, you may know that Live Action has responded to Tennessee state legislators with documentation which clearly debunks excuses offered by Planned Parenthood as to your staff’s handling of the situation depicted in the videos,” she continued.

“As of now, Planned Parenthood of Memphis has offered no legitimate defense nor any kind of apology for the behavior of covering up statutory rape. We have sent you the unedited tapes that show your staff telling the young girl how to obtain a secret abortion and how to circumvent parental consent laws. Now that the unedited tapes are in your possession, we expect Planned Parenthood to issue a long-overdue apology and take appropriate action to remedy the situation,” she said.

Planned Parenthood’s earlier approach to the Tennessee Legislature was posted on the website of WND columnist Jill Stanek. Officials alleged Rose was on a campaign to “damage” the abortion industry giant.

Planned Parenthood said its employees did not violate any law or regulation, because the woman offering the advice was an “interpreter.” The corporation then lobbied state lawmakers to obtain more information by visiting an abortion clinic or attending a board meeting to hear the corporation’s arguments.

A WND call to the Memphis Planned Parenthood abortion business was put on a loop of promotional messages, and no spokesman ever picked up the call.

Rose said Tennessee state Senate Speaker Ron Ramsey and state Sen. Jack Johnson have questioned the $700,000 of state money given to Planned Parenthood.

Rose, through her Live Action Films ministry, has visited a number of Planned Parenthood facilities around the nation under cover, taking with her a witness and a hidden camera.

Her work already has revealed Planned Parenthood workers in Indiana and Arizona either concealing statutory rape or advising a patient on how to avoid various abortion restrictions.

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