A family advocate who has been alerting Americans to the dangers of what has been dubbed the “Pedophile Protection Act” says she’s been a victim of stalkers but would get absolutely no protection under a pending “hate crimes” bill in the U.S. Senate.

A hearing on the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act, already approved by the U.S. House as H.R. 1913 and pending in the Senate as S. 909, is expected in the Senate Judiciary Committee soon. It’s been described by Shawn D. Akers, policy analyst with Liberty Counsel, as a bill to create penalties against “victims” who were chosen based on an “actual or perceived … sexual orientation, gender identity.”

WND columnist Janet Porter, who also heads the Faith2Action Christian ministry, has written about the threats she’s faced.

“Back when I was working to pass the nation’s first ban on Partial Birth Abortion, my car burst into flames when I started it. The arson investigator said the attack was deliberate. The banner headline of The Cleveland Plain Dealer on Friday, May 13, 1994, read: ‘Right to Life Leader’s car Sabotaged, Odds are it is connected to abortion issue, police say.’ The sticker on the bumper read: ‘Abortion? Pick on someone your own size.’

“Why don’t I have an elevated level of protection in the so-called ‘Hate Crimes’ bill? I’ll tell you why. Because I’m not a lesbian, an exhibitionist, or on the list of the American Psychiatric Association’s list of 547 sexual deviancies which includes pedophilia,” Porter wrote. “The bill which adds the words ‘sexual orientation’ to the specially protected list, rejected amendments that would have added veterans, seniors, and churches like those who’ve been targeted since the majority of the people in California stood to defend marriage between one man and one woman in the ‘Proposition 8’ State Amendment.”

By special arrangement through WND, for only $10.95 members of the public can send 100 individually addressed letters to each senator by overnight mail. Each letter is individually “signed” by the sender. The letters ask for a written response and call for opposition to the bill, including by filibuster if necessary. More than 350,000 letters already have been sent, but the campaign is scheduled to close at 1 p.m. Eastern on Thursday.

According to Rep. Louis Gohmert, R-Texas, in a nation of more than 300 million people, there were only 242 recorded assaults on record under the cited “epidemic” against homosexuals.

“Let’s get this straight, if you threaten and attempt to kill me, no problem. No special protection, I’m just pro-life. But if my bumper sticker said, ‘Lesbian Rights,’ the perpetrator would be looking at an additional decade in jail,” Porter said.

WND has reported multiple times on the developing legislation – a plan that failed under President Bush when he determined it was unnecessary and most likely unconstitutional.

Radio talk icon Rush Limbaugh today warned his audience about the advancing threat of “hate crimes” laws.

“Some people are going to be put in jail for things that they say,” he said. “Hate crime legislation. That’s where they determine what’s in your mind when you commit a crime. That’s when they decide what you were thinking … If you were thinking unapproved thoughts, that would make the crime you committed even worse.”

Porter continued, “For those who say the ‘Pedophile Protection Act’ isn’t accurate, here’s a bit of a review. In committee, Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, offered the amendment to exclude pedophiles from receiving elevated protection in the House version of the bill … [suggesting] ‘The term sexual orientation as used in this act or any amendments to this act does not include pedophilia.'”

“It’s straightforward. And it was rejected,” Porter said.

Rep. Alcee Hastings, D-Fla., confirmed that anyone with any “disability or all of these ‘philias’ and fetishes and ‘isms’ … need not live in fear.”

William Greene of RightMarch.com.
“Critics say that would allow for prosecutions against pastors who preach a biblical ban on homosexuality if someone who hears such a message later is accused of any crime. A pastor’s sermon could be viewed as ‘hate speech’ under this legislation if it’s heard by someone who then commits an act of violence against someone based on ‘sexual orientation.’ The pastor could be prosecuted for ‘conspiracy to commit a hate crime,'” according 

The Institute on Religion and Democracy joined in the campaign of concern.

“All victims of violence are already rightly protected by law, no matter the motive of their assailants,” said IRD President Mark Tooley.

WND reported just days ago when Gohmert said the only chance to defeat the legislation was for a massive outpouring of opposition from the American people.

“If you guys don’t raise enough stink there’s no chance of stopping it,” Gohmert said last week on a radio program.

“It’s entirely in the hands of your listeners and people across the country,” Gohmert said in an interview with Porter. “If you guys put up a strong enough fight, that will give backbone enough to the 41 or 42 in the Senate to say we don’t want to have our names on that.”

President Obama, supported strongly during his campaign by homosexual advocates, appears ready to respond to their desires.

“I urge members on both sides of the aisle to act on this important civil rights issue by passing this legislation to protect all of our citizens from violent acts of intolerance,” he said.

Akers’ analysis warned the bill would result in the federalization of “virtually every sexual crime in the United States.” And he said it appears to be part of an agenda that would relegate pro-family and traditional marriage advocates into the ranks of “terrorists.” Critics also have expressed alarm because in committee hearings Democrats admitted that a Christian pastor could be prosecuted under the law if he spoke biblically against homosexuality, someone heard the comments and then committed a crime.

“Under [the plan] the speech of a criminal defendant and the mere membership of the defendant in a given group may be used as evidence of his or her biased motive,” Akers said.

Send your letter of opposition now to all 100 senators by overnight delivery.

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