Almost every day I receive several newsletters from Christian, humanitarian, charitable or conservative political groups protesting the active, aggressive and increasingly unconstitutional opposition tactics – and sometimes outright persecution – by the ironically named “American Civil Liberties Union.”

It’s become starkly obvious that this elitist, leftist and subversive organization has abandoned any pretense that it is committed to its stated purpose of protecting the civil liberties of Americans. To the contrary, it is openly hell-bent on erasing those liberties and, if possible, reinterpreting the Bill of Rights so as to squelch the long-cherished freedoms held dear by most Americans – giving dominance to cliques and minority groups favored by the ACLU.

Apparently, an elitist mindset has completely taken over this activist organization, a mindset so far left that even socialism won’t satisfy them; they are determined to re-create America as a totally Godless, hedonistic, amoral, Sodom-and-Gomorrah-like society – in which there are no rules or majority-prescribed laws, except the ones they approve.

Exactly like the Taliban in the Middle Eastern nations where they germinated (and in which they have wreaked mindless havoc), the ACLU is not content to “coexist.” They will not abate their efforts until they have usurped and overturned the expressed will of the majority and gained absolute sway over the state and all its citizens.

Do you, gentle reader, think I’m exaggerating?

“Speechless: Silencing the Christians,” by Don Wildmon, lays out determined strategy of coalition of liberal secularists, homosexual activists and Fortune 500 companies

Take a look at just a partial list of the things this viral group opposes – and another list of what they actively support.


  • “God bless America” banners in school
  • any kind of legalized school prayer
  • Christian home schooling
  • parental consent laws
  • our government’s post- 9/11 security measures
  • medical safety reporting of AIDS cases
  • religious displays in public
  • sobriety checkpoints and drug searches
  • prison terms for most crimes
  • any use of religious symbols, even for historical reasons
  • “abstinence before marriage” sex education


  • abortion on demand up through birth
  • adoption by homosexuals
  • censorship of the Ten Commandments and the Bible
  • free access to pornography for all, including Internet porn for children
  • legalized drugs
  • legalized prostitution
  • freedom to desecrate the American flag
  • extended protection under our Constitution for enemy soldiers
  • mandatory comprehensive sex education, including detailed promotion of homosexuality and free condoms to students
  • open homosexuality in the military
  • violent and sexually explicit “entertainment” as protected speech
  • the “right” of an organization to help pedophiles learn how to seduce children, molest them sexually and hide their activities from authorities

I repeat, these lists are just partial; if you can think of other things that are antithetical to our Founding Fathers’ vision of a free, moral, independent republic, you’ll likely find cases in which the ACLU has jumped in to defend them. The “rights” of Nazis and skinhead bigots to march and assemble and pursue their warped agendas are early examples. But consider a few more recent cases, in which the ACLU:

  • filed suit, which led to a U.S. Defense Department order banning military units from sponsoring Boy Scout troops

  • agreed to represent the North American Man/Boy Love Association at no cost after two members were accused of raping and murdering a 10-year-old boy
  • sued to bar dinnertime prayers at Virginia Military Institute
  • asked a federal judge to overturn a state abstinence-only education program for schoolchildren
  • sued successfully to drive Boy Scouts out of a local park, because Scouts do not permit homosexual leaders – then won 940,000 tax dollars for their attorney fees and court costs.
  • intimidated the L.A. County Board of Supervisors into removing a tiny symbol of a cross from the official county seal – and pledged to target all other government agencies with similar religious symbols in their seals, even when nobody had objected.
  • worked against the president’s right to detain terrorists
  • requested that officials at a New Orleans public school be “fined or jailed” for failing to stop prayer before a high school baseball game – claiming that prayer at school-related functions is “un-American and immoral.”

These, alarmingly, are just the tip of the iceberg. Like an American Taliban, the ACLU has moved on to support illegal immigration, flouting our laws, which you’d think lawyers would respect – but not lawyers of the ACLU.

Instead, as Judicial Watch reports, some 30 years ago Los Angeles became the model for local, county and city governments throughout the country who followed the ACLU’s misguided lead in seeking to protect illegal aliens from capture and deportation. The L.A. Police Department instituted “Special Order 40,” a policy that prohibits LAPD officers from cooperating with federal immigration agents or even inquiring about the immigration status of individuals – including those they suspect are in the country illegally and may have engaged in criminal activity.

This “special order” turned L.A. and many other American cities into “sanctuary cities,” magnets for illegal aliens and cascading drug activity and lethal gang activity that inevitably resulted.

Do you not see the stark comparison between the Taliban and the ACLU? Each seeks to disrupt the traditions and guidelines that identify and protect society – and to impose its own perverted will and ideology on a bewildered people.

And the ACLU has gone the Taliban one better! They’re getting the courts (other lawyers, not legislators) to award them millions and millions of taxpayer dollars to pay for their intimidation, litigation and corruption! You and I are funding their all-out assault on everything that’s precious to us.

I expect that there have been, and currently are, altruistic and well-meaning young attorneys who think they’re defending liberties and helping the helpless. But I hope they’ll read this and honestly reassess the ACLU record. Meanwhile, our citizenry has to be aroused and informed. As we expect Iraqis and Afghanis to resist their Taliban – so we have to aggressively confront ours.

The American Center for Law and Justice and Judicial Watch are taking it to the ACLU and facing them down. On our behalf, they’re opposing our Taliban in municipalities across our nation and sometimes all the way to the Supreme Court. They’re attacking bad legislation like “Special Order 40,” with prospects of regaining some respect for our immigration laws, and they’re on the front lines defending the Boy Scouts and our freedom of religion and morality. They need our support.

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of our country. The ACLU is an American Taliban that cannot be allowed to take over our republic.

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