The California Supreme Court yesterday upheld same-sex marriages already performed in the state but rejected challenges to the constitutional amendment that defines marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

“This is a great day for traditional marriage and the family,” said Mat Staver, founder and president of Liberty Counsel.

Staver, who argued the case for traditional marriage before the California Supreme Court in 1988, said the decision “affirms the people’s right to defend marriage through their constitution” and described the ruling as a “huge, huge victory for the family.”

He spoke with Greg Corombos of Radio America/WND. The audio of the exchange is embedded here:

Staver called the court’s decision to allow existing same-sex marriages to stand an “aberration” but contends it will have “little consequence in the overall scheme.”

The court is the same one that last May ruled it unconstitutional to deny gay couples the right to marry. That led to the constitutional amendment offered on the ballot last November. This most recent ruling confirms the right, through the ballot box, to change the state constitution.

“It takes it out of the hands of the judges and it takes it out of the hands of the politicians and it puts it right into the hands of the people and they’ve spoken,” continued Staver.

“Thirty states have gone to the polls and passed constitutional marriage amendments, that’s a huge victory. Every time it’s been on the ballot, every single time, the people have chosen marriage as one man and one woman.”

Staver believes the ruling is a warning to “out of touch” politicans eager to embrace same-sex marriage and thrust it upon the public.

“Our future leaders must be strong advocates of traditional marriage.” he added.

“The people are not going to just sit back and allow judges, or even politicans, to undermine marriage.”

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