Bush-Hitler missing in action?

By Craige McMillan

I don’t know about you, but I find it troubling that the “oh, so tolerant leftists” who elected their illegal alien messiah have abandoned the Nazi theme in their political discussions.

That must mean the left is happy with the new government. But I wonder what’s different?

  • Maybe all the terrorists have been released from Gitmo? Resettled in the United States? Gone to work as community organizers for ACORN in voter registration for the upcoming election? Or perhaps they’re going to be election monitors for Jimmy Carter, to insure that conservatives actually born in America will have the right to vote in the next election?

    You don’t think so?

  • Well, it must be that U.S. troops have been withdrawn from Iraq and Afghanistan? And we’ve apologized for killing suicide bombers and breaking their toys?

    We’re still there, you say; killing people and breaking things? So that’s not it.

  • Well, perhaps the left was concerned about Bush’s profligate spending habits running up the national debt, raising the rates on adjustable home mortgages, causing banks to charge more for credit cards and pushing up taxes because of new health entitlements?

    No, that can’t be it! The anointed one’s spending is the Bush budget deficit raised to the power of Hitler’s war spending.

  • Hmm … well then, I don’t know what to make of it. Perhaps it’s just the general air of tolerance that’s crept into the left’s dialogue?

    You don’t find the left more tolerant, you say? Well, shut your mouth! And then consider these examples from recent press coverage. Here are some excerpts:

    • NASA’s James Hansen has called for trials of climate skeptics in 2008 for “high crimes against humanity.”
    • Environmentalist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. lashed out at skeptics in 2007, declaring, “This is treason. And we need to start treating them as traitors.” In 2009, RFK Jr. also called coal companies “criminal enterprises” and declared CEOs “should be in jail … for all of eternity.”
    • In June 2009, former Clinton administration official Joe Romm defended a comment on his Climate Progress website warning skeptics would be strangled in their beds.
    • In 2006, the eco-magazine Grist called for Nuremberg-Style trials for skeptics.
    • In 2008, Canadian environmentalist David Suzuki called for government leaders skeptical of global warming to be thrown “into jail.”
    • In 2007, The Weather Channel’s climate expert called for withholding certification of skeptical meteorologists.
    • U.N. special climate envoy Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland declared, “It’s completely immoral, even, to question” the U.N.’s scientific “consensus.”

I’m sure you will be pleased – as I am – to know that America’s brief flirtation with the Bush-Hitler Nazis has cooled, the jack-booted, Democrat prestitutes have made the world safe for dissent, and tolerance is once again the law of the land.