The questions about Barack Obama’s eligibility to be president in recent days have swamped a website about government transparency, are being posted on billboards around the nation, have been posed at a White House news briefing, and are hitting automobile bumpers across the nation, with WND’s “Where’s The Birth Certificate” Magnetic Bumper Sticker moving into the top position among best-sellers at the WND Superstore this week.

The bumper stickers allow citizens to make a statement on the issue of Obama’s eligibility, which despite all the claims about an “online certification of live birth,” still hasn’t been documented.

The question is simple: Where is the documentation. The bumper sticker allows people to make a bold demand for the truth.

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WND has reported extensively on the issue, with a report called “THE FULL STORY” that lists more than 200 exclusive WND reports on the question.

In just the last few days, the entire transparency portion of the White House website on “open government dialogue” has been overrun with citizens calling on Obama to release his elusive “long-form” birth certificate to establish his constitutional eligibility to serve as president.

The forums are open to the public for participation. Joseph Farah, editor and chief executive officer of WND, has been urging those concerned about the issue to get involved.

As WND reported, on Sunday night only 30 percent of respondents in one forum demanded the president release the document. But that number exploded to nearly 80 percent after the public became aware of the White House resource.

Here’s your chance to tell the White House directly whether you think the birth certificate issue is important.

At the time of this report, more than 175 comments were posted to the forum, titled “Verifying eligibility to be president of the USA,” including the following:

  • We need to keep the pressure on! How did BO even get one foot in the White House door without a birth certificate?
  • Even if he shows a forged birth certificate – which he undoubtedly will in time (he and his cronies are in WAAAY too deep) it is common knowledge (records, and his book and many articles) that his father was not a US citizen at his birth – so … Barack Obama is not a natural born citizen … period.
  • After the campaigning on all the “wonderful” socialist programs then obfuscating on all the plans to implement them, I’m sick of NO transparency. I recall we were promised the opposite. Only a traitor can be elected as U.S. President and simultaneously refuse to abide by his oath of office.
  • He can’t show what doesn’t exist! He is a Kenyan usurper and with his minions of baby-killers will ruin our nation!
  • It is a foregone conclusion that Obama is not a natural born citizen. No one would work so hard to hide the truth.

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs earlier laughed at the reporter who inquired about the long-form birth certificate at a news briefing.

Meanwhile, as WND reported Friday, Obama’s elusive long-form birth certificate that would establish his eligibility to serve as president as a “natural born citizen” was the hottest discussion topic at the Fox News Channel’s website.

The visibility of the Obama birth certificate issue has also been raised by a new national billboard campaign initiated by Joseph Farah, editor and chief executive officer of WND. Just launched, the campaign has raised about $65,000 and begun erecting billboards that ask the question, “Where’s the birth certificate?”

That campaign followed one launched months earlier to collect names on an electronic petition demanding accountability and transparency on the issue. So far, that petition has gathered nearly 400,000 names.

In his questioning of Gibbs, WND White House correspondent Les Kinsolving specifically made reference to the WND petition.

“Are you looking for the president’s birth certificate?” Gibbs responded incredulously. “Lester, this question in many ways continues to astound me. The state of Hawaii provided a copy with the seal of the president’s birth. I know there are apparently at least 400,000 people – (laughter) – that continue to doubt the existence of and the certification by the state of Hawaii of the president’s birth there, but it’s on the Internet because we put it on the Internet for each of those 400,000 to download. I certainly hope by the fourth year of our administration that we’ll have dealt with this burgeoning birth controversy.”

It was the first time any member of the press corps has publicly asked a member of the administration a question directly related to Obama’s constitutional eligibility for office as a “natural born citizen.”

Politico has video of the exchange, which is embedded below:

Farah had announced the billboard campaign to raise public awareness of the fact that Obama has never released the standard, “long-form” birth certificate that would show which hospital he was born in, the attending physician and establish that he truly was born in Hawaii, as his autobiography maintains.

The “Certification of Live Birth” posted online and widely touted as “Obama’s birth certificate” does not in any way prove he was born in Hawaii, since the same “short-form” document is easily obtainable for children not born in Hawaii. The true “long-form” birth certificate – which includes information like the name of the birth hospital and attending physician – is the only document that can prove Obama was born in Hawaii, but to date he has not permitted its release for public or press scrutiny.

Oddly, though congressional hearings were held to determine whether Sen. John McCain was constitutionally eligible to be president as a “natural born citizen,” no controlling legal authority ever sought to verify Obama’s claim to a Hawaiian birth.

Both the petition and the billboard campaign are part of what Farah calls an independent “truth and transparency campaign.”

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