American Vision’s Worldview Super Conference III

If the term “conservative” means to conserve society the way it is, then don’t call the Worldview Super Conference III a gathering of conservatives, because these people are out to rock the world.

The conference’s theme, “The Great Reversal: How Christians Will Change the Future,” reflects the mission of the organization planning the event, American Vision, which states its purpose is to “restore America to its biblical foundation.”

“Most conferences that deal with worldview issues concentrate on how bad things are. It’s time we had conferences that outline what people can do,” said American Vision President Gary DeMar. “We have spent too much time whining about what’s wrong when there are tens of millions of us who could make a difference overnight.”

DeMar told WND he expects roughly 1,000 people to attend the conference, American Vision’s third such event focusing on practical ways of winning the culture war. “The Great Reversal” conference will be held on the campus of Midway Presbyterian Church in Powder Springs, Ga., from July 22-25.

One of the speakers at the conference will be WND’s founder, Joseph Farah.

“American Christians need to get serious about saving their country,” Farah told WND. “There are some very practical steps that need to be taken to do this. I addressed them in depth in my book ‘Taking America Back.’ I’m looking forward to doing the same at this conference – this time, with an eye specifically toward the media, a subject I know best.

“In essence, WND is just that – an alternative to the worldly media, committed to the principle of truth-seeking,” Farah continued. “Christians need to provide our culture with more alternatives – not just in the media, but in all our cultural institutions. We need them in education, higher education, the foundations and charities, libraries and entertainment industry. We need to re-engage the culture while there is still time.”

On the conference’s website, however, DeMar warns prospective attendees not to come unless they’re serious about making a difference.

“If you want a conference where people just sit around and ‘belly-ache’ about how bad things are, then don’t bother registering,” DeMar says. “This is a conference about real solutions to real problems.”

The website further explains, “This unique event will equip you in gaining a biblical understanding of media, economics, politics, education and science. More importantly, it will show you how Christians can use new media (Internet, print-on-demand, forums, in-home broadcasting, pod-casting, etc.) to make an ‘end-run’ around the liberal stronghold to advance the gospel and a Christian worldview.”

In a promotional video highlighting the conference, another scheduled speaker, the economist and historian Dr. Gary North, explains why Christians seeking to make an impact on an increasingly secular humanist society need to start changing their methods.

“Conferences will very often focus on the ‘why should we,’ but they never get around to the ‘how can we,'” North says. “What the humanists have done, they’re so far beyond the ‘why should we’, they’re so far down the road of the ‘how can we,’ it’s really ‘how can we do more.’ And Christians are barely at the ‘how can we get started.'”

To fill this need, DeMar told WND that American Vision is creating a conference designed to infuse hope and equip Christians with positive examples of how to make change.

“American Vision has brought in speakers who have been successful in specialized fields,” DeMar said. “We assume that those attending our conference already have something of a developed biblical worldview. What they need is perspective and a how-to attitude. The best way to gain these is to be around people who have been successful and have an inside track on what’s possible.

“There is great opportunity now,” DeMar continued. “When people are sulking and despairing over the condition of their world, that’s the time to act. People are losing faith in civil government. That’s a good thing. But you can’t beat something with nothing. It’s time the church starts delivering the something.”

The goal, DeMar told WND, is for those who come to the conference to leave with the fire and the vision to impact their world.

“Attendees will gain a can-do attitude,” DeMar promised. “Maybe they’ll start a business, develop badly needed curriculum material, run for political office at the local level as a true biblical conservative, envision a missionary strategy that goes beyond just getting people saved, start an Internet radio show or produce a short film. The sky is the limit.”

Other scheduled presenters include Chairman of the Christian Film & Television Commission Dr. Ted Baehr, homeschooling author Kevin Swanson, former Constitution Party vice presidential candidate Herb Titus, Christian recording artist Steve Camp and several others.

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