Got questions about life, death, politics or religion? How about one on the topic of “gay” marriage?

It’s time for WWDD.

That’s not a typo on the familiar WWJD — “What Would Jesus Do?” — a theme among Christians. It stands for “What Would Dumbledore Do?” a new move to answer such questions and spark “social change” through the “teachings” available in the Harry Potter witchcraft books and movies. The campaign has begun specifically promoting “gay” marriage.

Not happy? Here’s what Dumbledore and Potter say:

To accept our reality exactly as it is and want nothing more than that reality is to stand in a place of self-acceptance. To accept oneself as we are right now can happen at this moment, but to accept oneself for a sustained period of time often times takes a lifetime of practice. But make no mistake: there is no higher joy.

Virtually no question theoretically isn’t answered by the beliefs and actions of the creations of author J.K. Rowling. For example, the following discussion on diversity offers a foreign policy position for the U.S. president:

In our world, wars often end because each side recognizes the others’ humanity. One small but profound example is Northern Ireland where Protestant women began attending the funerals of Catholic men – and vice versa. As these women gradually discovered that they were all suffering the loss of their husbands and sons, it was no longer the “other side” that was the enemy, but the war itself.

Conversely, the U.S. invasion of Iraq was led by an administration with very little background knowledge of the rich and diverse cultures in Iraqi society and a lack of curiosity to learn about them. The head of the original invasion, Paul Bremer, could not even speak Arabic and to this day the current administration continues to allow many of the small number of Arabic translators we do have to be fired for being gay. Imagine if this were different. Perhaps, if children and adults in both countries had formed friendships with each other, there never would have been a need for such a war in the first place. Some may call this wishful thinking. I believe Dumbledore would have called the building of friendships as an impediment to war, “realism.”

It’s all, according to an Orlando Sentinel blog that described the effort, a part of the Harry Potter Alliance program to teach values and beliefs and achieve social “change.”

“It’s not actually Harry, it’s the non-profit Harry Potter Alliance that is trying to channel film and fiction fandom into charity, ‘social change,’ and good works,” wrote the blogger.

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“Those things have been after-thoughts to the fanboys and girls who made ‘Star Trek,’ ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Lord of the Rings’ phenomena that had lives outside of the big and small screen. A little charity, here and there, but mainly those fans are about the faux reality of the world of their fixation – Trek on big screen and small, The Empire, The Rebel Alliance or Middle Earth.

“But not for Muggles,” the blogger wrote.

Poster from “Order of the Phoenix” movie

The wildly popular Harry Potter books, movies and characters have faced criticism for attacking the Judeo-Christian values on which the United States was built.

WND columnist Ben Shapiro earlier raised objections when author Rowling suddenly announced Dumbledore was homosexual.

“When J.K. Rowling announced … that Albus Dumbledore, the aged headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, was gay, I was somewhat confused. When did the old dude with the funky beard turn into Gore Vidal? According to Rowling, Dumbledore was always Gore Vidal,” Shapiro wrote.

“Why did Rowling surreptitiously plant a creepy subtext in the most popular children’s book of all time? She didn’t. By most accounts, there is nothing in any of the books to suggest that Dumbledore is gay. It’s easy enough for Rowling to retroactively adopt politically correct attitudes about homosexuality – she never had to face the public scrutiny that surely would have ensued had she made Dumbledore openly gay. Instead, she raked in over $1 billion by appealing to kids and their parents, then conveniently announced Dumbledore’s orientation before a swooning fan base in New York,” he wrote.

Ted Baehr, founder of MovieGuide, earlier wrote in a WND column there are lessons for children in the books and movies, but parents may have concerns about them.

“Aside from the fact that these children are exposed to ugly creatures, fantastic violence and worthless incantations, this movie has some dialogue that sounds like it comes out of Stuart Smalley’s Daily Affirmations on ‘Saturday Night Live.’ Namely, when professor Dumbledore sits Harry down and tells him, ‘You are not a bad person. Every person has light and darkness. You have a choice,'” Baehr wrote.

“Imagine saying this to Cho Seung-Hui after he had his killing spree at Virginia Tech. Or Adolf Hitler. … Contrary to Dumbledore’s idiotic aphorisms, there are bad people,” he wrote.

“For those who don’t care about the occult worldview in the ‘Harry Potter’ books and movies, which reinforces this rampant selfish solipsism, they should care about this insane condoning and tolerating of malignant narcissistic behavior. For instance, one woman several years ago told me that she always took her children to see ‘Harry Potter.’ After her little boy talked back to her, kicked at her and annoyed her, I said that I could see he’s learned his scripts of behavior from dear old Harry,” he continued.

“Witchcraft means rebellion against God’s authority in the Bible. These books and movies teach rebellion against authority. When they add to this rebellious attitude the stupid aphorism that ‘you’re really a good person,’ then one must seriously ask: What are these narcissistic children supposed to think?”

The Harry Potter Alliance website says it is using the next Harry Potter film “to coordinate the entire Harry Potter fandom, harnessing new media and the night of the movie release to promote social change.”

Twitter, Facebook and its own website,, will be put into the action.

“Fans will take worldwide actions … to create a larger discussion for how the lessons of Albus Dumbledore can be translated into our lives and toward a global transformation,” the website says.

Alliance Executive Director Andrew Slack wrote, “In just two weeks, millions of theater goers will watch the shocking death of Harry’s mentor Albus Dumbledore followed by Harry stating that Dumbledore will live on in all who remain loyal to his spirit.

“Although Dumbledore is a fictional character, his presence remains real in the hearts of Harry Potter fans and his message, much like the message of such real life figures as Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Lama, is needed in our world.”

Moviegoers are being encouraged to share a lesson that Dumbledore taught them, and various fan sites are asking their supporters to “tweet” Dumbledore “with the hope that each time people do, they’ll think of what he stood for and how he lives on in each of us.”

Ultimate, the 100 online lessons “articulate how Dumbledore’s values can be translated to our personal lives.”

And beyond that, the “Doctrine,” teaches how those “values” ultimately “can be translated onto the national and global stage into public policy that legalizes same sex marriage, indigenous people’s rights, the Employee Free Choice Act, and media reform while joining the HPA’s partner NGO’s in their stand against genocide, poverty, prison torture, and global warming.”

On the blog forum, came this response from Amanda: “This is awesome! The Harry Potter books and Dumbledore have lots of great advice on how to have a better world. I am so taking part in this.”

The alliance, which describes itself as a non-profit that “engages Harry Potter fans in social activism,” lists study subjects on its website including bravery, choices, diversity, equality, friendship, happiness, living fully, loss, personal power and race.

The movie, “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,” is set to launch July 15.

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