Maybe you think I’m “obsessed” about finding Barack Obama’s birth certificate.

After all, I have become something of a one-man crusade on this issue – first launching a petition that has gathered 400,000 electronic signatures, creating bumper stickers, yard and rally signs, a national billboard campaign and a $10,000 challenge for authoritative information about Obama’s birth.

What you should know is I am not obsessed about Obama’s birth certificate. I am obsessed with the Constitution of the United States, which prescribes very specific and simple eligibility requirements for the president – eligibility requirements that cannot possibly be determined without inspection of a long-form birth certificate that establishes unequivocally where he was born, to whom and when.

Interestingly, though, I have noticed what I would characterize as an obsession with my campaign by certain Obama media hacks – from Keith Olbermann to Rachel Maddow, both of the struggling cable news network MSNBC.

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Maybe they’re desperate for ratings and are trying to get in on an issue of increasing interest to the American people. Or, maybe they see this campaign as the ultimate threat to their political superhero.

The latest attention came from Maddow’s guest host, Alison Stewart, last Tuesday.

I would include a video of the report except that would instantly provide the show with ratings far beyond its own capabilities. So here is a transcript:

“No go for the birthers – the organization that continues to believe and assert that President Obama is not qualified to be president because he does not have an American birth certificate. The editor of the says he tried – note the word tried – to buy a full-page color ad on the page two of the Honolulu Star Bulletin news section, headlined, Help Wanted: Information Leading to the Truth about Barack Obama’s Birth.

“Joseph Farah was willing to pay over $7,000 for the ad, however, he says, his offer was rejected by the paper in the president’s home state because the ad was, quote, political. Farah’s website displayed what he wanted for the ad: physical evidence and testimony from anyone who witnessed Obama’s birth, from doctors, nurses and others who were in the delivery room almost 48 years ago – and having been in the delivery room recently, the physical evidence part could get really, really gross.

“Farah had already issued a $10,000 reward for anyone who can provide evidence of having been at Obama’s birth. He’s seeking donations to the cause to make coming forward, quote, irresistible to possible witnesses. Farah has even initiated a national billboard campaign asking, Where’s the birth certificate?

“Well, here’s what President Obama’s certificate of live birth looks like. So, do we get the reward? Because ‘Rachel Maddow Show’ can really use 10 grand. All right. I guess not.”

What Stewart showed on the screen, of course, was not a facsimile of Obama’s birth certificate. Instead, she showed an image of what his “certification of live birth” looks like. It is, as I have so often explained, a document irrelevant to establishing Obama’s status as a “natural born citizen,” since the document was issued in 1961 for some foreign births. It provides no details of where that birth took place or who performed it. No Hawaiian hospital has yet claimed this historic birth. No doctor, no nurse, no relative, no friend has yet come forward to say they were a part of this historic birth.

None of that raises any suspicion with the Maddow crowd. They dutifully accept at face value that this image they have seen on Obama’s campaign website reveals everything they need to know. They demonstrate an amazing lack of curiosity about the actual birth of their political messiah.

While I have no doubts the struggling “Rachel Maddow Show” could really use 10 grand, it will have to do better than parroting the Obama line to get it from me. And, of course, the “Rachel Maddow Show” is never going to get beyond parroting the Obama line. That’s its mission. That’s the mission of MSNBC.

Nice try, though.

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