He’s been president for six months.

But it’s amazing how little we know about Barack Obama.

This was illustrated by a WND story last week about where Obama was born. Even this is a mystery.

The story pointed out how many references there were to a birth at Queen’s Medical Center in Honolulu. That was the claim of a United Press Internal story. It was the claim of Snopes.com – a little website that members of Congress have frequently cited as their authority that Obama is indeed a “natural born citizen.” Even Obama’s own official website retained for months a posting from About.com making the claim for Queen’s.

But all those claims ran counter to one made by Obama himself in January, when he allegedly wrote a letter to another Honolulu hospital, Kapi’olani Medical Center, saying he was born there.

Barack Obama states in this
purported letter from him on what appears to be White House stationery
that he was born at the Kapi’olani Medical Center for Women and
Children in Honolulu. The letter was posted by the medical center for
nearly six months on its website and used for fundraising before electronically hidden once WND
disclosed it was not an actual paper letter, but merely HTML coding. The hospital and White House now refuse to confirm that a real document even exists.

Of course, the only living person in the world who claims to have been present for Obama’s birth is his paternal grandmother, Sarah Obama, who says it took place in Mombasa, Kenya.

Let the world know you stand with the Constitution and transparency. Display the “Where’s the Birth Certificate?” magnetic bumper sticker.

Who you gonna believe?

Well, you won’t get any help from the state of Hawaii or any of the hospitals there. Both of the Honolulu facilities have steadfastly refused to confirm or deny the birth of the first black president.

Within hours of the posting of that WND story, “facts” began to change. Snopes and UPI changed their stories.

When a WND story was published a month ago pointing out that Obama’s “certification of live birth” was not acceptable even in a Hawaiian homesteading program open only to natives, “policies” changed.

Of course, you can change the written record, you can change policies, you can change your mind, but, so far, no one has proposed changing the Constitution.

It still says today what it has always said since it was first ratified: To become president of the United States, you must be a “natural born citizen.”

Isn’t it about time we asked for proof?

Why is it considered “kooky” to do so?

How come even members of Congress promoting legislation to ensure future candidates for president are constitutionally eligible are ostracized and ridiculed as “birthers”?

Even Obama himself seems to be getting self-conscious about the lingering questions about where he was born.

While in Moscow recently, he cracked: “Good morning. It is a great honor for me to join you at the New Economic School. Michelle and I are so pleased to be in Moscow. And as somebody who was born in Hawaii, I’m glad to be here in July instead of January.”

What an odd thing to say.

Notice he didn’t say, “As somebody who grew up in Hawaii, I’m glad to be here in July instead of January.” That would actually have made sense. No one becomes conditioned to climate based on where they were born. They get conditioned to climate based on where they spent time.

But, then again, Obama didn’t grow up exclusively in Hawaii. He also grew up in Indonesia.

Do you feel like I do that this issue is beginning to reach “critical mass”?

Do you agree with me that the cover-up can’t go on forever?

I don’t know where Obama was born. I have never suggested I do, despite many claims to the contrary by critics who don’t read very carefully or listen very carefully and who don’t really care about facts.

But I’m not sure who does know.

Isn’t it time to find out?

What is Barack Obama hiding?

All he has to do is call the hospital and authorize it to confirm his birth. Period. End of story. Controversy over.

What’s the downside of doing that? Can someone tell me?

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