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Other side of planet: What's deal with birth certificate?

Media interest in the constitutional eligibility of Barack Obama to be president of the United States has now hit the Southern Hemisphere, specifically Australia.

Radio host Jono Vandor in New South Wales has been glued to the controversy surrounding the refusal by the commander in chief to release his long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate.

You can hear him discuss the most recent developments yesterday with Joe Kovacs, WND’s executive news editor.

“I haven’t seen anything like that in the mainstream media in Australia,” said Vandor.

“And if you’re an American, you won’t find it in the mainstream media here as well,” Kovacs responded with a laugh. “It’s almost like a news blackout it seems.”

Kovacs has exclusively reported several major developments in recent days, including Obama’s purported birth hospital involved in an astonishing cover-up of a letter said to be from the president himself in which he declares his birthplace, and then subsequently producing what it claims is the real Obama letter despite no confirmation from the White House.

In addition to the birth certificate controversy, Vandor and Kovacs discuss the amazing biblical revelations in Kovacs’ best-selling book, “Shocked by the Bible: The Most Astonishing Facts You’ve Never Been Told.”

The book, which champions the absolute truth of Scripture while stunning readers with biblical facts they may never have known, hit the No. 1 spot in three categories on Amazon.com upon its release last fall.

You can listen to the entire program here by following this link and then at the bottom of the page, choosing either the first clip of 11 minutes about Obama’s eligibility alone, or the second 98-minute clip which includes both Obama and the “Shocked by the Bible” discussion.